Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) yesterday, the reporter learned from SAIC, the Bureau recently issued a notice, from July to November to carry out the Red Shield network sword special action, requirements on the "strict control" online shopping platform, including children’s products, the elderly supplies will be the focus of rectification. State Administration for Industry and commerce requires the implementation of the real name system, network trading platform to carry out the focus of promotional activities, to promote the public rules, etc..

notice said, for consumers, operators and the media reflect the strong electronic products, auto parts, clothing shoes and hats, children’s products, agricultural and other old key commodities with local characteristics and outstanding problems, strengthen the focus on supervision of the network trading platform, increase the network market order rectification, and resolutely combat network trademark infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and other illegal activities.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce requirements throughout the business sector, the network operators "light illuminate standard" comprehensive investigation, promote the development of the network operator electronic identification, to further improve the network management subject database, implement the shop name system. At the same time and communication management department to strengthen the domestic online trading site supervision and coordination, to combat cyber trading illegal web sites, the focus on the legal market main body set up a website to engage in fraudulent use of fraudulent business etc..

According to the requirements of

, during the special action, the business sector will be based on children’s products, old products and other key commodities and outstanding issues, focused on investigating violations of various types of sales network infringement of fake and shoddy goods, the timely release of online shopping consumer warning and exposure dishonest website.

according to the reporter, in this special action, strengthen the responsibility of the network trading platform will also be one of the key tasks. For the platform to carry out centralized promotional activities like double 11 "holiday network, the business sector will strengthen the guidance, supervision and public network trading platform promotion rules, formulate the complaint handling plan, which focus on the supervision of" seven days no reason to return, retreat one lose three terms of implementation, and resolutely curb illegal credit behavior, legal responsibility for the strict implementation of platform operators. According to another report, the Interim Provisions of the network of goods and services focused promotional activities will be introduced in the near future.

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