Domain name is a domain name before being registered, leading to this domain name to register the name registration down behavior.

good international domain name basically has been carved up in Europe and other developed countries.

now to get a good international domain name, or buy expensive. Either registered.

recommended query:

(Note: converted into Beijing. For example, the domain name 7-21 lost, in fact, the time of the morning in Beijing 7-22

2 – 4 deleted.Org type domain name, a few up to a day earlier than the actual deletion time kicked out, this is a special case)

to delete the domain name in the world ranking (, PR value (the importance assessment of Google) and so on, all can be found here.

to look carefully Oh, perhaps to spend tens of dollars to register a domain name, every day can bring tens of thousands of IP to you.

front say are the two English site, if you English is not good, here is your query.

two, cybersquatting preparatory work

1 if you are not a genius, so please look at this point to give you tips.

recognized pool, snap, enom

(the domain name referred to as "rice", in some places will be called

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