A5 web review: many people have asked what time it is now 3 meters, 3 meters long awaited finally got the news, millet company will in September 5th news conference released, at the same time, the long rumored millet TV will also be unveiled, millet TV if it issued, will give the market shock.

it is reported that millet company will hold a press conference on September 5th, the official release of the new millet third generation mobile phone – meter 3".

speculation, rumors of millet TV has long been possible in this conference debut.

after the news, Tencent Inc or by DST holdings of millet company, and in September 5th the conference, Lei Jun or will announce a new round of financing details.

day before the rumors, millet 3 will use 5 inches 1080p screen display, with 800 snapdragon processor, before and after the camera are 5 million pixels and 13 million pixels, millet network has 3 spy outflow. However, millet internal tight lipped, did not disclose any details of the conference.

Internet users constantly released millet mysterious new machine diagram, picture display, 3 meters the founder tough at the same time, the color is very bright, very feeling of NOKIA Lumia mobile phone.

said, millet TV is now offline, and open beta for online media, and drying out a cover of millet technology financial seal certificate of receipt, millet TV purchase price of 4000 yuan, of course, is not just an engineering prototype, the retail version.

, according to media reports, millet TV forecast price should be around 4999 yuan, while the main features of the TV products support Miriam intelligent system, and comes with the Dolby sound and wireless WIFI function, and the size of 47 inches.

earlier, millet TV spy has repeatedly heard. It is said that before the release of millet TV and music as TV by Foxconn OEM manufacturing. If the rumors are true, once released millet TV, in accordance with the previous millet style, will cause great shock to the market.

it is worth noting that the previous two millet phone conference were held in August 16th, this year will be postponed to the press conference in September 5th. Millet conference, co-founder and vice president of millet, Li Wanqiang, Li has been delayed by a lot of off campus activities, currently fully preparing for the September 5th conference.

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