in the summer of 2007 before the arrival of the day, the United States of Houston Yimaide hypermarkets to Home Furnishing supplies procurement supervisor CEO proposal, in view of the region in the humid climate environment, it is necessary to introduce a large number of bamboo charcoal mattress has the function of health care from China dehumidification. Because of Yao Ming’s relationship, the residents of the second largest international trade port in the United States have a natural interest in products from china. Authoritative experts have proved that bamboo carbon has a good adsorption decomposition, moisture absorption, conductivity, far infrared, antibacterial and negative ions, is in line with the needs of local residents in Houston summer. So, Yimaide sign will be included in the Chinese bamboo charcoal mattress procurement list. They think that as long as the online search, you can easily find authentic sellers.

however, the online search results but let them very very much puzzled: English bamboo carbon site has almost become a Korean and Japanese domination, this is obviously not the authentic origin of the seller; and China from mainland and Taiwan a few English B2B on the site, although the bamboo carbon is also a lot of information, but belong to many sellers, geographical distribution very wide, and every family all claim is the direct origin of the supplier. The purchasing supervisor Yimaide screenwriters


, a global ranking 1000 on the new century business network attracted their attention: This is a so-called "local economy e-commerce website group" B2B website, they in the main 168ec platform, to build a local specialty channel China many mainland, and in each channel the special economic zone also has a 168ec property and fully consistent with the "Long Jian" brand subsidiary, such as bamboo carbon channel them is built on a Chinese State Council named "bamboo town" – Zhejiang Suichang, and is responsible for the management of the product sales company is the "Suichang Dragon Kin", more convenient is the new century business network is a company with 20 years of experience in international trade company is in control of Hongkong dragon Jianqi, their strategic partnership and American Express logistics giant for years Sufficient to ensure the safety and rapidity of the actual transaction. Thus, a huge bamboo carbon orders through the new century business network quickly traded……

this is not a complete story, but it is by no means a permanent concept in the future. At present, the new century has business network and Suichang local government departments and bamboo charcoal production and processing enterprises on issues of strategic cooperation, the formation of Suichang dragon Jianzhu carbon company conducted in-depth communication. Previously, the new century business network in Anhui, Bengbu has Henan, Shaanxi, Xianyang, Jiangxi Xinyu, the successful formation of the main local specialty products Jianzi dragon company, some local product channel has been successfully opened, Bengbu and Bengbu, Haining antique jade, pearl leather, Yiwu small commodity, Yongkang hardware, Zhenping carpet etc. is approved by the state and local economy platform has entered a substantive negotiations and the establishment, in January 9, 2007, the company also entered into a strategic alliance and Chinese local development ecological construction research and development center, outward > the two sides agreed to the development of the local characteristics

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