I summed up some of the basic knowledge of the domain name, and to share with you, I hope to do some help to do just stand friends.

1 what is the domain name


Internet domain name is the name of a server on the Internet network or a network system in the world, there is no duplicate domain name. The domain name is in the form of a number of English letters or numbers, separated by a few parts, such as oursoho.com is a domain name.

2 what is the international top-level domain name?

on the Internet domain name is from the domain structure in different poses and with different expressions, but to divide, the domain name can be generally divided into two categories, a category called "international top-level domain" (referred to as the "international domain name"), a category called "domain name in china".

the last suffix of the general international domain name is something like. Com,. Net,. Gov,. Edu’s "international general domain", these different suffixes represent different institutional properties. For example. COM is a business organization,. Net is a web service,. Gov is a government agency,. Edu is an educational institution.

3 what is the domestic domain name

?The suffix of the

domain name usually includes two parts: "international general domain" and "national domain". To ISO31660 as the norm, each country has its own fixed national domain, such as: CN on behalf of China, us on behalf of the United States, UK on behalf of the United kingdom.

4 what is the domain name


domain name on the Internet is the enterprise logo, the enterprises to enter the Internet, network users and the only way to contact the business, it can not only effectively protect the public image of the enterprise and intangible assets; and the enterprise is entering the information society, into the international market, signs the application of e-commerce, so there is a huge commercial value. If your company does not have a domain name, it means that you do not have a formal online appearance, other users or companies can not find you on the network. Not only companies, individuals can also register the international top-level domain name. Domain name is a domain name before being registered, leading to this domain name to register the name registration down behavior.

5 what is URL pointing to service?

URL is when you already have a ready-made web site, and would like to have a new registered domain name to the existing web pages, in order to save the trouble of re establishing the web page.

6 what is the IP address?

in the network, we often encounter the concept of IP address, which is an important concept in the network. The so-called IP address is to connect each host on the Internet to assign a unique 32bi> in the world

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