New Year approaching, discounts, promotions, group purchase, seckill word more and more frequently in people’s eyes, Chinese leading hotel booking platform, green mango travel network "members to break 1 million, Thanksgiving return" is "Hong Kong hotel reservation price".

member breakthrough 1 million, Thanksgiving activities

green mango travel network is mango’s brand, as currently the most leading hotel booking platform, make it to be the best in the intensive and meticulous farming, a large segment of the industry. Green Mango Hotel products cover the following three-star hotels, hotels, hostels, hotels, inns, family hotels and other varieties. The main user groups for college students and young white-collar workers, a group of backpackers tour pal, a relatively young and relatively sensitive to price. Green mango travel in December 8th registered members broke through the one million mark, on the day of the implementation of the full membership of the single free incentives for the 1000000th members, but also invited the members of the guest green mango travel network.

is "Macau hotel price" to create "tour the first station in

green mango members of the hotel is the most important requirements of health, safety, clean, comfortable and OK, so the price has become the most important factor in the selection, especially Hong Kong and Macao hotel. Hongkong, Macao is more than a small number of tourist cities, regardless of the level of accommodation or other consumption and the index are higher than the mainland, accommodation has become a lot of people in Hongkong, a small tourist spending in Macao. As the green mango mango company CTS’s sub brands, by virtue of their resources in Hong Kong and Macao the above advantages, to build their own advantages in this area, especially the hotel status.

green mango, so that everyone from the consumer travel

is great because of the dream, every enterprise has its own vision, when a reporter asked the green mango travel network vision, the official said, net of green mango journey from inception to now has not changed and that is to make tourism become everyone can enjoy the consumer goods, so that tourism brings more and more people happy. The only thing that can be done now is to turn the price of the hotel into a level acceptable to the public. As the Hong Kong and Macao hotel the whole network lowest commitment, let more to enjoy life, enjoy travel, we would like to be happy, angel, the spread of happiness.

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