every reporter Jiang Peifang

in the Jingdong, according to Tmall who is offline super overlord that the debate is not corpuscles on the occasion, has always been proud of the Jingdong logistics group CEO Liu Qiangdong, and in the CCTV program with the rookie playing the mouth battle.

in the recent broadcast of CCTV "dialogue" column, the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong evaluation of the rival Jingdong logistics network rookie, he said the rookie network nature or to build a data system on several courier companies. Finally, most of several courier company profits will be sucked rookie logistics.

rookie network spokesman responded quickly, "a no platform sharing business thinking, vision can only stay out partners profit to feed themselves, could not understand empowerment partners, to enhance the industry prosperity, ecological significance."

for the Jingdong and rookie in the logistics on the pinch, a mode of industry commentators said in the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, Jingdong and Ali each chain in the electronic commerce on the outbreak of the "zuizhang" from time to time, the purpose of most of the time are not let the consumer crowd, but to his own potential cooperation see with their partners, to influence the commercial value of partners, to strive for more allies.

Jingdong, rookie development path different

in fact, Jingdong and rookie development path is not the same, strictly speaking, and can not distinguish between the pros and cons of a dimension.

Rui consulting founder and chief analyst Ma Jihua said that the self built logistics directly solve the Chinese electricity supplier large pain points, especially the main category of Jingdong early 3C is great for the rise of the role of Jingdong. Thus, Jingdong logistics has been its most important core assets, Jingdong delivery has been deeply into the hearts of the Chinese people.

, however, Ma Jihua also have concerns: Jingdong has long insisted on fast relative concept, it is difficult to always stay ahead. And when Jingdong tries to cover more categories outside of 3C, especially in terms of low value goods, whether or not to maintain such a high speed logistics remains to be seen.

Jingdong logistics can be used to express the concept of "play", (it) is a Jingdong to serve the mall on the self, radiation settled Merchants Logistics and warehousing system, to form a closed loop shopping, warehouse distribution, delivery and customer service experience." Zhang Shule believes that the biggest benefit is to do so can effectively achieve the quality control of logistics, but also will not stop the Spring Festival and the like. It can also provide a platform for its partners to provide one-stop solutions from the platform to the logistics, but also can provide a variety of O2O Jingdong to explore the network to provide fire support points. But the disadvantages are also obvious, the intensive field of human resources, the wider the coverage, the higher the cost, the ability to control the nerve endings worse. And logistics is not a standard part of the production process, but a service experience process, it is difficult to sell goods such as Jingdong, as the realization of

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