Chinese electric never lack the spoiler, everyone is obsessed with Wanda for us to construct the service life of the O2O, we still remember the year before, Suning also mentioned the concept of cloud providers. Similar to the concept of the same line background, Suning recent year’s development can be said to be quite unknown. Now the value of Suning 24 anniversary of a series of price promotions have struck, so that we can not help but think of Suning and Jingdong in 815 wars, but two years later, the Jingdong have been listed and B2C secured a brother, while Suning more quiet, sales declined not to say, industry influence is the bright younger generation frequently beyond, which makes us doubt, a line of resources for support of Suning lost in the end what place.

lack of electricity supplier thinking

although there are about 1600 line stores, goods has a large storage space, but for the electricity supplier have an excellent understanding. Perhaps in Suning view, as long as the self built logistics, as long as there is a price advantage, so the electricity supplier is easy. But Suning ignored one of the most important point, that is, the user experience in the Internet era. Although there is a self built logistics, but Suning has been unable to do in order to exchange real-time communication, that is to say from a single user to the shipment of goods Suning can’t do the best, then, for the traffic control, Suning is quite immature. How to say, because the history of the development of our open Su ningyun, you will find that every time it appears in the industry news headlines, all is in the price war, including the 24 anniversary, is obviously the price war to attract users. This approach will be effective in the short term, but in the long run is not closed properly. Although each electricity supplier sales Suning never absent, but Suning online traffic, and did not continue to grow, but the flow of sales soared when the promotion, after the end of the traffic flow. This increase or decrease in the flow of the model in fact for the long-term development of Suning do not help, because after the hustle and bustle of the people will choose their own mainstream shopping platform, Suning is only his first N choice.

no core foothold

from to enter the electricity supplier to now, is the concept of a pile and pile said, from big data to the Internet cloud providers, agricultural products, financial services, Suning footprint across multiple industries, although enough exposure but also left a fatal weakness, that is the door to understand, but doors are not fine. The decline in the overall performance of 2014 Suning, Suning itself again attack into the processing industry of agricultural products, spend a lot of money to build agricultural base, try to do a NetEase green organic agricultural products sales channels. Although the idea is good, but Suning forget their environment now. Instead of blindly expanding the territory, think of what to do, see what the hot spot with what, rather than make their own sense of strength in a vertical field. Dangdang has audio books, Jingdong 3C digital, Tmall clothing category, everyone has their own special skills, but what is Suning Suning unique >?

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