myth one by one. These days, as long as a total eclipse of the line, as long as the business seems to count the money you can sit. Zhu Yan, a 27 year old girl who lives in the city’s rivers and lakes, has been running all night for more than four nights, and she is even more exaggerated.

Zhu Yan sell solar eclipse observation mirror, astronomical telescope, astronomical observation…… A few dollars a small, large hundreds, thousands or even million. Since July, her daily sales exceeded 100 thousand yuan, half a month cumulative sales of $about 1600000. Zhu Yan rough calculations, the average profit of these goods is about 30%, half a month, profit 500 thousand yuan no problem.

Zhu Yan before the identity of a higher vocational college teachers in Jiangsu, now full-time open shop. She used to shop for a month, teaching for several years to describe their wealth growth.

suddenly closed on the eve of eclipse refused to make money

Zhu Yan in the city water village rented a house of more than and 100 square meters, inside the carton filled with various sizes, walk like entering a warehouse. She opened the shop, the shop owner named COCOJO888, has hired three coolie, they work in such a large warehouse. Zhu Yanshou in front of the computer, busy with the network of guests. In addition, a tall man in front of the phone, followed by the guests said, "I’m sorry! I’m sorry……" There is a little fat man sitting directly on the ground, specifically responsible for packaging, shipping. There was a little table in front of a little girl who was busy filling in the delivery order.

this is the normal operation of Zhu Yan shop daily, the four division of labor are sales, customer service and logistics distribution.

yesterday, however, all of their roles have changed, all put into the customer service work, Zhu Yan will be in store for nearly 800 kinds of goods shelves, no longer pick a new list, refused to make money.

two days ago, we ordered more than 3 thousand sets of the total solar eclipse observation mirror to the manufacturers, all of the payments paid in advance." Zhu Yan said that under the premise of supply assurance, she boldly accepted customer bookings. Which manufacturers later received a large order for the group refused to give her the delivery, she had no choice but to the emergency transfer of goods to other manufacturers, and finally through the storm.

however, manufacturers of stock of the thing happened again, but this time from the day only one day total eclipse observation. Yesterday afternoon, in an interview Zhu Yan is still a face of anxiety: if everything is normal, I ordered the goods to the manufacturers at 7 this morning, and then I shipped to customers. To be on the safe side, I made it to the manufacturer 10 nights ago. Results in the morning together, the goods did not receive, we know that the goods have been robbed of the orders of the group’s major customers."

Zhu Yan says she has two choices, one is to ask the customer to apply for a refund, direct return, so the consequences of customers a chance to buy observation tools, missed 500 years of a total eclipse; another.

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