[introduction] the future industrial base of electricity, will continue to mobile providers, community O2O platform, B2B2C platform, B2C bypass.


text / Huang Gang

three years later, in 2017 China’s e-commerce will be what kind of a lot of people are thinking and discussion.

2014, major electricity supplier platform to be listed, but only the vertical electric potential of a There is not much left., very difficult to profit in the fresh agricultural products and the electricity supplier. Today, we are not talking about fresh agricultural products electricity supplier, is three years after the development trend of e-commerce. Why do you want to talk about this topic? A few days ago was invited to participate in the Huludao Chinese apparel e-commerce conference, facing reporters, put forward the development trend of the electricity supplier industry group, how to build a flat relying on e-commerce industry supply chain service system, from the base to the user, to eliminate the middle of each link, to achieve success analysis of business and logistics. In exchange with the mayor of Huludao, the government attaches great importance to the leadership, but also for the future development trend of the industry supply chain I have a deep resonance. Not only is the mayor of Huludao Yang, this year I was in Shandong mayor, mayor of Zhejiang, Ruian, and other exchanges, but also to see the three line of the city government on the Internet industry urgent.

I put the industrial base of electricity supplier, to build a flat supply chain architecture to promote ideas presented to everyone.

first, the two or three line of the city’s Internet industry has become an inevitable trend, the channel will be killed, including part of the online channel

2014 today, the first tier cities almost all over the line of e-commerce, into the online and offline channel model. Affected by this, the two or three line of the city’s industrial group also saw the development of the Internet business opportunities, one after another to embrace e-commerce. However, due to the differences in the past talent and thinking, more dependent on third party channels, through the promotion of trade in the electricity supplier platform on the third party channels. With the development of the Internet and mobile Internet, today’s industrial base, has begun to build its own electronic business platform. Here are two examples to illustrate:

The Internet trend of

1, swimwear industry: in mid August, in the Huludao clothing business conference, Huludao as a national industry base swimsuit 70% share, now began to comprehensively promote the e-commerce industry base, directly in the incubator business enterprise, from the brand base directly open to Tmall, Jingdong, jumei.com and other electronic platform the business, currently Huludao swimsuit electricity supplier has reached 573, annual sales to 13 billion 100 million yuan. Future trends, the electricity supplier industry groups are likely to bypass the platform electricity supplier, directly into the mobile terminal, the community.

2, the electricity supplier of agricultural products direct supply trend: over the past two years, SF preferred, original life successful rural electricity supplier to build e-commerce platform B2C, Tmall B2BC and Tmall, Tmall and other international agriculture are based on the base.

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