Zhang, 19 years old, is now a freshman in Yiwu business school. And his schoolmates, Zhang early engaged in Internet entrepreneurship, he is engaged in the business of web design, he is located in Jinhua city of Zhejiang province Yiwu City Qingyan Liu Village village of electricity up to more than 2800 shops.

Liu Qingyan village of

on the outskirts of Yiwu was originally just an ordinary small village in recent years, with the rapid development of electronic commerce, the village became the famous Taobao village. On November 19, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Qingyan Liu village in Zhejiang Province, which is worthy of praise "the first village of Chinese shop".

Jinhua city party secretary Xu Jiaai pointed out that the success of Qingyan Liu village due to the transformation of the old village housing site, bring a lot of advantages of the rich resources, and strong college students entrepreneurship atmosphere.

Liu Qingyan village of

not only produced many entrepreneurship rich mythology, also to build a local business "Internet plus". But now, in the face of more and more of the country such as Taobao village like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise, coupled with the cross-border electricity supplier in Hangzhou test area competition, how to keep the "China Qingyan Liu village shop the first village" position


Taobao village congenital condition

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter walked into the village of Liu Qingyan found here, all kinds of vehicles in and out shop located in the The stream never stops flowing., between the houses.

data show that the Qingyan Liu village to give the number from more than and 100 in 2008, to 2013 to reach more than 2 thousand. Net turnover from 800 million yuan in 2009 increased to 2010 of more than 2 billion yuan, reached 3 billion 500 million yuan in 2014.

Xu Qingyan Liu village and will summarize the success to the following points: first, thanks to the previous old village transformation brought a lot of housing sites, with the electricity supplier business office; the two is to bring the Yiwu small commodity city supply advantages.

Liu Qingyan village of

near the Yiwu daily wholesale market, distance freight market is only separated by a road, many electricity providers saw freight here convenient location advantage. Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity trading market, consumer goods, and consumer goods is electronic commerce most marketable commodities.

addition, Xu Jiaai believes that the Yiwu business school formed a strong college students entrepreneurship atmosphere, also bring business agglomeration effect for Qingyan Liu Cun.

The latest data show

Qingyan Liu village, the village has a registered population of 1723 people, all kinds of shop business more than 2800, employing 15 thousand people, the average age of 25 years. Driven by the Yiwu business school, has more than 8000 students from across the country to this venture, gathered here 8 annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan of net goods suppliers, Yiwu TOP30 electronic commerce, nearly 60 gold shops.

director of the center for modern business studies, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang Institute of e-commerce Zheng Yongjun

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