with the arrival of the era of the national mobile Internet, the electricity business in 2014, there is a force can not be ignored, that is micro business. Many people will find their own circle of friends, WeChat will appear from time to time to promote early childhood learning machine mask, advertising stickers, take the good friend, he has 2 relatives joined the army of micro business.

ten derivative five selling mask, many weekdays nothing, love the dress girl have gradually become the main force of micro business, the author also contacted several micro business, everyone like to play with blood like, desperately tell derivative of a bright future, who said through micro business income 300 thousand, less than half a year to buy a car, but also the important out of each other’s circle of friends, to prove the authenticity of.

here said the micro business, usually refers to the C2C model of micro business, they are through the brand to find a general agent, down from the level of the general agent, the development of the layers of the vertical model of sales agents.


has a certain degree of controversy, but everyone can participate in the business model of e-commerce in WeChat lit up. It is said that 2014 is the growth of micro business year, in 2015 is the outbreak of micro business, micro business will have a huge impact on Taobao.


, it can not cover up the 2014 micro business development problems, WeChat itself is indeed a merchant CRM management system, e-commerce has great potential, but in 2014 the barbaric growth of micro business, has exposed many problems, if the micro business people don’t pay attention to, by 2015, will face great difficulties, the so-called advanced meat, latecomers soup, and later come in person, if not competitive differentiation, can only be a stepping stone to the success of others.

micro business faces the plight of specific performance:

1 circle of friends no longer power, personal reputation was overdrawn

believe that a lot of people like me, for the circle of friends advertising, although able to endure for a while, but I can not tolerate the world, advertising more, shielding is an instant thing. Of course we want them to be able to run his own business, but the circle of friends as a private space, naked advertising is certainly not popular. Listen to those who sell the first circle of friends who sell the mask, they began to do business acquaintances, there is a trust endorsement, things sell quickly, but two or three months later, the product gradually sold. One side is a friend gradually pull themselves black, while it is not able to import new friends, even if there are new friends come in, but also arrived at the loss.

on the other hand, WeChat’s official attitude does not support the advertising circle of friends, you know, lonely source from micro-blog marketing content large Satin hand circle of friends once the disaster caused by flooding water, and micro-blog will face advertising occupy the same situation. WeChat has recently released a "WeChat circle of friends using criterion", will focus on the specification of advertising circle of friends but due to limitations in the advertising effect of micro business friends, so the "norm" did not clearly pointed out that the derivative.

2 the vast sea, to find new user < >

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