With the continuous change of the

platform gameplay, as an intermediate platform shopping guide website began to shrink, since the beginning of last year and think about the future trend, two years as a shopping guide platform Zhang Lianglun reluctant to turn off the meters off the network, but not the transition of growth will be limited, and began to put a hand pump vertical web babe network, with the mother the sale of goods.



world network operators Chen Army

"do not want to shut down the babe network meters off the network." Babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun said, great changes have taken place in the play, business marketing strategy and the user’s thinking, also set up in order to respond to the babe network platform for shopping guide website continued to tighten policy situation.

meters off the network relying on Taobao to achieve monthly transactions amounted to 500 million yuan, ranked in the forefront in the industry, but Lianglun Zhang as a manager every day but always on tenterhooks because any one, small fluctuation of platform rules, are likely to make the effort before the cast to waste.

developed the Amoy plan


for each of the entrepreneurs, survival is more important than the dream, in 2012 left the Alibaba Zhang Lianglun heart is very clear, only to survive, can we talk about a dream for the future, he needs to get the first gold support, the Taobao ecosystem is his most familiar place, from the local mining treasures is the most efficient is the most familiar the most realistic.

meters off the core members of the network are from Ali entrepreneurial team, not only familiar with Ali’s business, but also in the first time aware of Taobao rules change. The first parasitic on Taobao, relying on the start shopping rebate business, through cooperation with Taobao, meters off the network to track the orders, then the first time will return the cash to user account. In addition, the network also cooperate with Taobao folding meters in rice folding network can receive a direct Taobao coupons, attracting a large number of users, a year can be divided into hundreds of billions of dollars from Taobao commission.

at the end of 2012, Taobao announced the Taobao alliance to rectify off industry, and banned cashback class Taobao off the pattern, only support a set of treasure and Alipay to cash. Taobao’s series of policy changes, so that Zhang Lianglun obviously feel the gradual opening of Taobao’s policy and platform openness. With the termination of cooperation meters off the network in cooperation with Taobao tracking orders and coupons, cause poor user experience, the rebate period. The parasitic life, let the meters off the network into a quagmire.

in order to get rid of dependence on Taobao, Zhang Lianglun decided to test the water meters off the network sale, coupons, etc., broke the value group purchase business, ensure product selection, operation in meters off the network, while looking for opportunities in the mobile terminal.

the sale of business for the mobile terminal, and the rebate is not suitable for the mobile terminal, meters off the network "flash" precisely to the mobile terminal user habits. Through the "sale" in the wireless terminal force, which occupies a half meters off the network transactions, the rebate business accounted for 4, the rest from the coupons, broke the business value.

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