November 2nd, executive vice president Li Bin said, will expand the depth of cooperation with customers in various aspects, to help customers who fall.

Li Bin said: "through close contact with customers, we have a more in-depth understanding of customer, and deeper understanding, will continue to strengthen cooperation with customers, not just in product level cooperation, the future will be more comprehensive cooperation in various aspects of service, management, marketing, logistics resources integration."

Li Bin added: "we are officially launched the website, is only the first step in cooperation between the two sides. The two sides plan in the future will be in warehousing and distribution, data sharing, electricity providers and other areas of financial services to carry out close cooperation. Suning has a double line of high-quality resources, the future or will help customers who successfully landed."

few days ago, Eric and Le bee two verticals officially arrived official website. It is worth noting that yesterday, there is news that Suning is and where customers negotiate acquisitions. However, where the customer has denied the authenticity of the rumor.

in addition, today, also confirmed that another large domestic footwear vertical website and purchase online mall "has also been assigned to, a portion of the goods are sold simultaneously in.

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