ten years ago, Amazon with a book to sell gradually into people’s sight, and the rapid expansion of the core business of Internet e-commerce. From the longest river to the shortest domain name, now, the electricity supplier ten years trend of the domestic achievements of this "bookstore", but also ushered in a lot of thinking, what more discussion is not "still scenery" or "wushirenfei".

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August 19th was held in Shanghai to enter the 10 year celebration Chinese, Amazon’s senior vice president Diego Piacentini said: "China has a double meaning of the Amazon, not only to do their thinking to introduce Internet e-commerce abroad. We must continue to push China’s creative world."

Amazon China President Ge Daoyuan believes that Amazon’s mission in the next ten years is to help Chinese customers get the best products, China’s R & D to the global".

two speech confirms the enterprise level agree without prior without previous consultation, the strategy, the electricity supplier technology from abroad, domestic users need basis. But how can we continue to play the advantages of logistics, do a single category is perhaps the most concerned about the user’s point of view.

What did

do in China for ten years,


2003, Amazon began to focus on overseas, and launched a series of investment. The following year in August, Amazon spent $75 million acquisition of excellence network, homeopathy into the Chinese market.

however, after the acquisition of excellence network, Amazon did not immediately change. Until more than a year after the completion of the acquisition, Amazon began to enable its database system to replace the previous system of excellence network, this replacement process lasted three years.

2007, Amazon founder Bezos came to China, announced that the network was officially renamed excellent Amazon". Subsequently, the Amazon began to establish operations centers, docking with the global market for the Amazon, from the page layout has begun to dilute the push type theme, and the u.s..

2011, Amazon again renamed "Amazon Chinese", while enabling short domain name "Z.cn", "excellence" will erase the previous signs.


after one year, the Amazon e-commerce Empire added new makeup: in March 2012, Amazon officially launched the "global shop business" in Chinese, B2C electronic stores for the international China for sellers.

in December of the same year, Amazon China in the absence of symptoms, the release of the Amazon Kindle E-book store in china. In addition, Amazon also released a free version of the Chinese version of the Kindle software.

at 4 p.m. on June 7, 2013, Kindle was officially listed on the domestic market, with Kindle Kindle and Fire tablet

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