recently, Wangfujing (22.80, -0.27, -1.17%) department store announced its independent online shopping mall trial operation.

at least in the country, the department stores and online shopping malls to do business success is rare. Parkson network, both in the spring Seth had social impact, or in the actual sales, have failed to find out the doorway.

we’re ready


is working, although in Beijing the cold of winter, Wangfujing Street still pedestrians. In the nearly sixty years of history has been praised as "the new Wangfujing department store China first shop", Liu Chunji and her team are operating a day in and day out Wangfujing mall.

worked in the Wangfujing department store for nearly 10 years, Liu Chunji, from 2007 onwards, they began to participate in the group’s e-commerce work. Now she is on the business card of Beijing Wangfujing department store group, Beijing network is still general manager of e-commerce Limited liability company assistant". Beijing network is the operation of the online shopping mall Wangfujing Wangfujing group subsidiary. Group 2011 Annual report shows that the company was established in October 2011 is expected to total investment of 101 million 830 thousand yuan. Was established in the year, the Wangfujing online mall has become the Ministry of Commerce e-commerce demonstration enterprises, get the support and attention.

"we’re ready." Liu Chunji told reporters that, in order to let the user experience is the best, the whole team at extended time measured, until ready in January this year, Wangfujing mall officially launched.

on the line before the preparation for 5 years. "In 2007 the group began in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping malls, shopping mall, Guangzhou Changsha Wangfujing mall e-commerce pilot." Liu Chunji said, "at that time can be said to be tasted, capital and energy inputs are few. We initially tried the foundation of Internet marketing, it is important that it is our initial online experience."

to their own Amoy gold

according to the financial data from Internet service providers (14.130,0.05,0.36%) in flush statistics, China retail 38 has released three quarterly reports of listed companies, 11 companies in 2012 three quarter revenue fell, accounting for nearly 30%. Net profit fell 16, accounting for more than 40%.

this is in stark contrast to the Alibaba, [micro-blog] group’s [micro-blog and Tmall] [micro-blog] the total turnover in 2012 has exceeded 10000 yuan, accounting for 5% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods; from a global perspective, e-commerce market growth is very rapid. Global e-commerce business eBay[micro-blog] group released January 16th earnings report, fiscal 2012 eBay net revenues of $14 billion 100 million, an increase of 2011 over fiscal year 21%.

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