after a controversial "Taobao new rules" service, 34158 small sellers gathered on the channel YY voice channel has been closed, but the structure still exists, and vowed to rights in the end. In November 16th, according to the network rights channel 34158 on its official micro-blog news release said, they will go to the Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou on the same day, submit the appeal book, hoping to conduct face-to-face consultations with the management of Taobao, Taobao launched the rationality of relevant rules to discuss, and put forward their views and suggestions. With the spread of the development of the electricity supplier era, competition intensified and open is inevitable, the official Taobao and small sellers enmity has been entangled for years, the size of friction is common in newspapers, right and wrong in the end, it needs to be further clarified.

After the

YY voice of the Taobao business rights channel was blocked, network 34158 activist groups have been circulation in various network platform, multi point deployment, extended front "". Were already in Chinese and television network, micro-blog opened a blog platform for the dissemination of information, and issued the "net rights team appeal book" at the end of the world forum, is ready. Even in its Sina micro-blog rolling update related to Taobao’s negative news, and constantly create a topic to enhance the attention of public opinion. From these frequent moves, even the "net rights team demands can be found in the book" between the lines, discontent everywhere.

Arbitrary logic

of Taobao

according to "the network rights team appeal book", they signed with Taobao’s "Taobao B2C service agreement" there are many unreasonable terms, suspected Taobao to use its strong position control, interest, power is not effectively constrained, but avoid the original contract obligations and responsibilities of both parties should be shared.

According to the provisions of the "

B2C" inside the Taobao services agreement terms, Taobao can modify the protocol, such as after the announcement does not agree with the relevant businesses shall change written notice of termination of the agreement; Taobao can unilaterally modify its service module, merchants will have the relevant changes, but must promise under any circumstances can not to chase Taobao agreement of liability; a party may be fifteen days in advance written notice to terminate this agreement.


service agreement with the tough tone expressed in terms as though this is not the only one, do this clause shall be objective, rigorous and clear, but the text is left no defense, quite overbearing manner. The rights of businesses in addition that Taobao in terms of which is too strong, the rule making process, lack of transparency still charge search rules give big sellers, the parties lack of effective communication channels and other questions, I hope Taobao can get a positive response.

network rights over defence

e-businessmen group according to the above question, asked Taobao to make the corresponding adjustment, and put forward their own "strongly recommended:

repeal Taobao

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