some time ago published several articles in the online promotion " Admin5; Wen Jiarui: shop operators to promote customer follow up " " temperature Jiarui: Taobao magazine online promotion cheats article " there are several shop owners, add my Q, I hope I can write several articles on the net store promotion methods and in fact, online promotion skills, it is important to persevere, but summary and analysis or section, I believe that your online business must be on the upgrade… The temperature today Jiarui and we talk about video marketing, video website is very hot now, of course, people in many places, nature is a good place for publicity, can never let go.

through the video station to promote, there are two ways, one is to upload their own ads with their own video; the other is to comment on the popular video. Now let’s talk about how to upload the video to advertise the shop.

is the use of video stations to promote, of course, to choose a popular or attractive video to do it. Baidu, select video".

After entering the

, to the right side of the page to see, here are the words in the hot search words



Do you think

and then choose a good video, such as "every day I choose". So, I downloaded the latest issue of the program every day in the thunder.

to download the video, it is necessary to use some software to deal with video. A video editing software, as long as a search on the Internet, is a lot of, but the XP system itself with video processing software. As for the size and format of the video after processing, because each video site is different, so you have to seriously look at the rules you want to upload the site (


is the most important video processing is to join the shop advertising on the video, (note, advertising can not affect other people to watch the video): to deal with the video, it is uploaded to the appropriate video site. Through the video site audit, the video will be displayed on the network.

at this time, you can take the initiative to share the video out, there is a video sharing feature, click on it, you can share the video in a variety of ways out.


of course, you can also choose a very funny or creative video, it is all the way to share out: micro-blog, blog, forum. Because it is interesting, creative, it is easy to be reproduced. It is generally not a moderator deletes, and can get good communication.

, for example, for example, you now have a very funny video, then you follow the above method to upload video website, and then click on the video below the "share" copy the "flash address"

then from Q>

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