women have Chinese is the main force in the consumer market, in the face of "Match 8 Women’s Day", the major electricity supplier and the Department have played a variety of name and slogan to attract consumers. Reporter visited the market, Guangzhou department store to the depth of the price war, Ms. commodity promotion efforts to break through 62% off years, almost 75% off. The electricity supplier in addition to start the "butterfly Festival", "Peach Blossom Festival" theme of marketing, Taobao is taking advantage of the holiday marketing bigger, the women’s day into a mobile phone Taobao 3.8 life festival, and in cooperation with intime business, great city, new world, Hualian, Wangfujing, the country’s 5 largest retail group. Retail spending path open mobile phone, computer, line. As a woman around the line of new marketing has started the war.

cosmetics become the main electricity supplier promotions

if all women buy goods for necessities and selection, so cosmetics is undoubtedly must in, in this year’s 38 day promotion, the promotion of the business power concentrated in this category on cosmetics. Last week, the Jingdong launched the first "butterfly Festival" promotion, for the first time to launch a large-scale "female marketing" in the women’s day mark, and coupons for the APP client, and launched the "joy shake" activities, to enable wireless users exclusive to win prizes, concert tickets for. While the main female users vip.com and Le bee network teamed up to open the peach blossom cosmetic war, stocking 800 million last January. Two electricity providers in the women’s Day is approaching to create their own holiday, like trying to create a "double eleven" as the shopping festival.

in addition to the original festival as a gimmick, Jingdong, 58 city and other electricity providers in the commodity category, such as the main cosmetics cosmetics women, while trying to take the initiative to change the initial male digital control image. Jingdong’s flexible strategy, can be understood as heavy women not light men, not only can expand the scope of consumers, but also for Tmall and other competitors to form a certain containment.

and lefeng.com the Peach Blossom Festival is the first event with vip.com "marriage", also is the female cosmetics primarily, at the same time to "reject smuggled goods, refused adulterated cosmetic promotion theme.


entity Department launched the depth discount Lanke


for breakthrough tactics in women brand business, most of the physical department or the use of commonly used way of discount. Reporter visited the market, compared with the previous two or three day Promotional Schedule, this year the "38 section" most of the Guangzhou department store sales for 10 days, and some women commodity promotion efforts to break through 62% off years, almost 75% off.

, for example, the friendship store lady shopping festival has been launched in February 28th, the day of the Hebei store most of the goods 62% off, folded on the 10 percent off, more than two pieces of 15% off. Dongshan Department store merchandise should be a 62% off, two pieces of 72% off. In a large discount of more than mopark also a continuation of last year 38 "Queen feast" promotional activities, Gangding sea shopping stores, Whampoa  stores, shops, the holy land >

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