Chinese Internet entrepreneurs in the business before you read this article, it is Yin born BAT (BAT) relations in an interview with Zhou Hongyi (the topic has been published in the Forbes Chinese version fifth issue), summary of his views on a series of problems of subversion, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the moving pattern of the Internet such as the Internet, generally represent him about how to start-up companies in the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) for experience looking for space, the survival and development of the world, including a large number of his personal experience. This article is authentic, according to Zhou Hongyi’s oral finishing.

now people also use Taobao or Baidu APP to buy things, but WeChat know the day you chat, where are you, it can be recommended to you the product, WeChat may direct you to the business website, WeChat and Baidu apparently without conflict, but in the future it can subvert the search, because WeChat account there may be some voice robot, you can send a request to them, the search entrance may become a WeChat search box, rather than.

there’s still a big gap between us and the giants. We mainly do several things at present: first, we are not a social network, wireless security, security is not a master of your life in all aspects of the company to do; secondly, we are China on Android’s largest market. In the future, we are the second largest search engine in China, how to make a breakthrough in wireless search.

sometimes subversive innovation does not require new algorithms or Coca-Cola recipe, all the subversion from the user, only the user gains, you can subvert.

mobile phone, what are the opportunities for subversion WeChat is a good opportunity to subvert the subversion of the text messages, traditional phones, such opportunities are not many. WeChat’s user experience to do a good job, even more than a lot of experience in small and medium enterprises have done well, is not a simple copy of rice chat, it’s a lot of features beyond the meter chat. It does not Baidu (over commercialization) of such a problem, it is difficult to experience (subversion). It doesn’t make money, it’s free. It even subvert the operators, it photographs experience than MMS.

for the majority of entrepreneurs, there are two ways: in the past there are large and small companies in the industrial chain, now there is no dream or become a small company, has a unique content, such as games, on WeChat and Apple’s app store, the user does not belong to you. Another way is to subvert, but there is little chance of subversion.

subversion is not a lot of time to subvert the intentional subversion is difficult. There are three ways to subvert: the invention of a technology, which is very difficult in China; the experience of subversion, that is, from the complex becomes simple; the three is the business model, the original expensive to become cheap, the fees become free.

the next two years, in addition to the electricity supplier and O2O field will cut is broken, there will be some opportunities in the Internet field may be pure, there are only a few companies such as Tencent, a single large, under 35, the bottom.

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