1: how do agents come from, no registered chamber of Commerce has an agent

we all know that the first registrar is agent, agent is what to do with it, but not for a better development of domain name registrations, let everyone more up, but now a lot of black agents, we call the Registrar, the Registrar said that I had to because our rights are delegated to them. Oh, well then, I can give you a good analysis of the course registration, chamber of Commerce was not to hear, I say this in the first.

What is the difference between black and black

proxy. One is the father of a son, if a son do wrong, Dad no matter the words, that is not the same black ah, that is a registered agent in black business in order to get more money to agency more rights, did not belong to a nest, you say is not it. If agents have complaints, the Registrar can timely call the correct, it will not cause such a bad reputation ah, son of the father of the wrong, you see, "well, do not engage in agency ah, so we will not say what, I do not want to go to the Registrar said this is not good, really good ah, ah you want a lot of registered business reputation, we are very sure, that others choose cheaper agents registered is wrong, but the agent is very black, the transfer is very harsh, this is not the same as the effect of the registration of business reputation ah, why not go to the Registrar management, purpose not afraid you don’t go to the registration, registration of less and less money to earn it, you see my last complaint, CNNIC said, no matter what the agent or the Registrar, as long as your domain name they don’t give up, complaints. They directly check is registered, rather than agents, this is just ah, if I cry up wine and sell vinegar are nobody, that we do not have to follow you.

two: a lot of registered agents say they have nothing to do with

yes, may have all the rights to the agent, which is more convenient for management, but put out, not equal to what gave the agent, good registrar, everyone is to believe, but it is acting recklessly, not to register business management, we registered the domain name or turn it out, or also out of high costs, which I have been cheated, a humanities online, but also out of storage fees for one year, CC won’t let turn, even in resource CC told him that belongs to a large CC agent, why resources can turn out, that can not be out of humanities. Of course, they are to do foreign agents, we are not good for.

but you thought not, this is the China ah, not to say that foreigners come to our Chinese, can be burned, killed, robbed, raped, if everyone agrees to foreigners in this way, I have nothing to say ah, in our China, will not be able to use them to China legal system, I don’t think it possible. They came to China, we get money, we have no way to manage them. That’s not china.

so ah, a good relationship with the agent and the agent, the agent is good or registered

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