a number of sources to billion state power network confirmed that the Alibaba’s import business platform "Tmall" will soon be Tmall merger, in addition to the organizational structure change and personnel integration, change will also usher in a front page.

merge results: retain the original domain to enhance the search weight

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall international business still belongs to Alibaba B2C group cross-border division, the division under the jurisdiction of Tmall international, aliexpress and Taobao three overseas business, the current general manager Wu Qian (IL), directly to Ali COO Zhang Yong (Xiao Yao Zi).

international future Tmall Tmall merger, with Tmall attributable to Chinese retail platform (with Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan), Zhang Jianfeng (to the person in charge of the platform for epilepsy).

it is reported that recently, Tmall international has ushered in a round of personnel changes, including the original senior business director, is directly responsible for the resignation of an executive of Xunzi, aliexpress was responsible for overseas warehouse operations etc..

website front, is still in integration, has not yet completed all the changes. But sources said to billion state power network, to determine the message includes a domain name in the short term tmall.hk retention, and relates to cross-border import business transactions are required to limit in this tmall.hk domain; Tmall international will become a sub channel of Tmall, is still unable to confirm the name; the weight of Tmall international goods accounted for in the main Tmall search will enhance.

in fact, Tmall international merger with Tmall has long been revealed. At the beginning of this year, Tmall launched two international domain global.tmall.com Tmall (now enter the domain name will jump to the Tmall international English page); about 3 months ago, Tmall international commodity was absorbed into Tmall’s main search; the latest news is that Tmall will join Tmall international held called big promotion active global Shopping Festival "in May 28th, which indicates that both the flow has been basically completely open.

for the future direction of development of Tmall international, a person close to Tmall said, Tmall international will more directly into the overseas online store merchandise, skip the online sellers, directly to the wiring and by rookie stores, full integration logistics, which to a certain extent, has the equivalent of Tmall proprietary.

merger reasons: overseas investment model is not feasible?

, a senior industry several reasons are analyzed by Tmall Tmall international merger. On the one hand, Tmall international development has been the bottleneck: including the overseas brand investment is weak, the lack of adequate traffic support, service quality is not controllable, fake group at.


sources, Tmall international has been walking all the investment model, the earliest merchants mainly from two parts, one part is the Taobao global purchase selected big sellers, the other part is Alipay international contracted overseas businesses, and.

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