recently, the electricity supplier is still very calm, in addition to le bee Beijing hastily seized, seems to see what it is worth mentioning that, but under the calm, or the surging tide of global purchase, Jingdong released in April 15th, blew into the cross-border battle horn, this is Liu Qiangdong recently released a major strategy after France, South Korea bank, cross-border electricity market, the last one is the field of ocean electric field. In this field, there is no one has an absolute advantage, even the advantages are difficult to talk about, from this point of view, the outcome of the cross-border electricity supplier in the field, it can be said that China’s electricity supplier is the last battle.

cross-border electricity supplier is currently the fastest growing areas, and even led to the decline in China’s luxury industry and price cuts, because we have to go overseas to buy things. One of the reasons is because the product quality performance overseas are relatively good, on the other hand it is because the appreciation of the renminbi, leading to rising purchasing power, has reached a very favorable situation, while overseas money Chinese has also become the object for all countries. From the big said that this reflects the rise of China’s national strength and gradually become the mainstream in the international arena, since childhood, is that people with the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of the quality of consumption. Cross-border electricity market is expected in three years will reach one trillion yuan, is a huge market space, so the choice of Liu Qiang East strong attack cross-border electricity, also insufficient qi.

and the domestic purchase is not the same as the threshold, the cross-border electricity supplier is quite obvious, there may exist three modes, one is the overseas direct mail, is a set of goods, one is bonded goods. For overseas direct mail, to support a strong logistics system, can guarantee the purchase cycle can be shorter, meet the user experience, or a product to two months to send enough death. The collection of goods and bonded goods are required to have a considerable purchasing capacity, there is no strength is not playing inventory. The two have a very high threshold, so this area is not particularly good game player, most of them just do some small features attempt an ineffective solution, the Jingdong reached a massive, apparently will bring some changes to the current pattern.

in an article before me, Liu Qiangdong is the biggest characteristic of the overall view is good, right on each node, each reached the appropriate area, by prior to the accumulation of advantage, in exchange for a new advantage, especially to seize this part of the logistics, which is advantage. At present, cross-border electricity supplier in the rise of the advantage of Jingdong in the logistics and goods management, and occupy the first mover advantage, coupled with Liu Qiangdong’s attention and personally, the first to establish the French Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, pavilion and more ready. The biggest competitor Taobao is still subject to the issue of trust in the platform, in this era of quality consumption, does not have the advantage.

in addition to overseas direct mining and direct supply in order to ensure product quality, the domestic marketing strategy of the domestic problems of Jingdong is also exempt from the worries of consumers, at the same time through the national level of trade cooperation, can also ensure that

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