"brush drill" (source: Beijing Evening News)

"we charge 7800 yuan for a crown." "It’s too expensive, someone else has an offer of $3000." The brushing method is not the same as the prices of course is not the same, we hand one day brush not much, of course, easy software brush, a brush for two or three days, but who believe? He offer you expensive, actually worth 1000……"

this is the reporter pretending to shop owner with a brush drill company "dialogue. Often online shopping, people know that the crown is the highest level of Taobao credit, 10 thousand praise in order to get a crown logo, it is not easy, diamond class (the top 250) sellers have been very proud of. But now, the "crown" is the price tag pedding, and continues to drop the discount itself seems to be a satire — in the continuous depreciation of credit. Many buyers in doubt, and now the shop also credit it?

manual covert

brush more and more "real"

now, the first step is the first step to see a lot of buyers shop credit score. In Taobao’s credit rating system, the seller successfully completed a deal to get a high praise, get a point, 250 points to get a diamond logo, a crown of 1 to get a crown. High credit rating will attract a lot of buyers, so diamond seller, crown seller has become the pursuit of many shopkeepers goal.

so brush drill company came into being, the seller does not need to run the business to accumulate praise, someone specifically to help you brush credit. A few years later, brush drill is more and more crazy, now has almost become a behavior in a flagrant way.

online shopping face the drop of confidence, brush drill rampant phenomenon, not long ago, taobao.com made a series of measures to crack down on speculation, seller reputation, and seized more than 60 thousand credit speculation serious sellers.

after the credit storm ", to stop the behavior of the brush drill really? The reporter unannounced visits to the several brush drill company found, in order to cope with the examination, brush drill method has become more and more subtle, more and more" real ", just want to brush, can help you get a seamless brush".


McCain trend

instead of manual software

Senior customer service

a brush drill company website seems quite senior, and reporter Kan on the development trend of the industry. According to him, which lasted more than two years of brush drill Market, gradually formed at least two trends, one is some websites represented by the manual work, most of them have the characteristics of safety, speed and high price, especially for some just started the shop brush reputation; another is to work for the software on behalf of the brush, products mainly to 0.1 yuan in 0.01 yuan, their characteristic is that the security there is a big risk, low price, fast speed, a lot of two Tiancheng crown. "Which one do you choose? I think there are two advantages,"

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