whether it is a handsome high ponytail or elegant strapless dress, or "outside the pavilion, road side, beautiful red carpet into the film" graduation…… In a word, summer is really coming. To make efficient and quick you live comfortably in the summer, nature cannot do without the new Lenovo print to accompany.

Lenovo Chan is the industry’s first Internet printer, since the products began to sell in the Jingdong, user acclaim, sales of superb reputation, become young people preferred. From June 18th to June 30th, Lenovo print in Jingdong opened the "quality Carnival" promotion, all activities during the Jingdong to buy Lenovo proprietary printing products users can enjoy the specific evaluation with a E card, free on-site installation and other concessions.

purchase link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/Gi4rJLcEKdVDI3.html


Lenovo is small in appearance, high Yan absolute value, completely subvert the traditional printer you stupid and heavy impression. In the design, the new Lenovo printer respect aesthetics, the overall design is fresh, smart, affinity. In the air outlet to take petal design, the moment is full of wonderful texture. In addition, the new Lenovo printer with high precision molding, 360 degree corner, even on the back of the United States and the United States. Especially small volume, and the area is A4 almost, is the real "A4 waist", height and a coke height similar, fashion is exquisite, it is a beautiful art, is a different from the Internet printer to print.


in addition, many people think that the printer is a high-tech equipment, you may find it difficult to install. The new printer "Jane" off the physical panel, Windows, Android, IOS cross platform, a variety of intelligent devices to connect seamlessly, whether by mobile phone, PAD, as long as the finger that can print, copy, scan. The installation process is very easy to install new printer interface, simple and easy to understand, very easy to use, if USB is installed only 1 steps, WIFI installed only 3 steps, which greatly reduces the installation threshold, as long as the operation of mobile phone, everyone can smooth installation, smooth printing.

of course, reflect the strength and print printer faster, the printing process to print toner or cardboard, durable, this is really hard. In the printing efficiency, the new Lenovo printer absolute energy. Small print per minute up to 22 pages, is an effective printing assistant, the "L" type ultra short straight paper, dual clutch paper rolling system, can effectively prevent the cardboard; at the same time, the new high precision double beam laser system, easy to achieve high resolution and low noise, when only 50DB, a a very quiet operating environment. From the number of pages to print, the new implementation of toner capacity expansion, the highest print up to 1500 pages.

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