this season, fresh fruit is essential to our daily lives. Buy fresh fruit, there are a variety of channels, in this, we mainly from the online and offline down:

is the first to talk about online purchase of fruit, and online fruit merchants, it is fresh electricity supplier. Recently, media reports said: the "energy-saving" litchi season, however, in this era of fresh electricity now, everyone is "Yang Guifei".

litchi preservation requirements are very high, is regarded as the best representative of the fresh electricity supplier industry, the speed of life and death.

said litchi, circle of friends do not know whether they still remember last year "litchi war", SF preferred, detonated by a litchi of the original life, the Jingdong from the mall fresh round of racing competition".

on the development of fresh electricity supplier, industry insiders said: fresh electricity supplier wants to thrive at least ten years later, there are three reasons:

one, the packaging cost is too high, fresh is not easy, the price is very low;

two, in most families, buy vegetables and meat to buy fruit is almost forty or fifty years old father’s work and they are almost not a large-scale online shopping net, rise up to 80, 90 and

when the father and mother in the kitchen;

three, fresh products unique consumer immediacy, improvisation. There is no reason for the above three reasons. But with the development of cold chain logistics, perhaps the fresh electricity supplier has been very close to the light of day.

Whether it is

or fresh flowers, the electricity supplier worth mentioning, users have called for, is not easy to love you! Attributed the following points: first, fresh electricity supplier logistics attention; two is the consumer demand for fresh electricity; three is the coordination of fresh technology, warehousing logistics service chain.

fresh, although now slowly rise, but it is rarely recognized by consumers, because of its high demand for logistics, especially like litchi and cherry fruit preservation requirements, more friends are still choose to buy online.

line to buy, this must not say that we all know, supermarkets, fruit shops and fruit stalls are generally able to meet the demand. The line is not so easy, high logistics costs hinder the development of a number of small and medium fresh electricity supplier, fresh electricity supplier, is a large number of electricity providers who can afford. Fresh electricity supplier has a long way to go, then, want fresh electricity supplier bigwigs can have the development and progress of fresh


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