controversial cross-border electricity supplier import deal, after nearly a month of operation, may be adjusted again.

sources said surging news, recently, the general office of the State Council stakeholders will lead a research group, rushed to the part of cross-border bonded import pilot city, the impact of new research, listen to the relevant enterprises and local feedback and advice for the new deal.

another source told the surging news, in-depth understanding of the impact of tax reform on local new cross-border import business, the Ministry of Commerce recently planned to go to Zhengzhou to carry out special investigations, invite local enterprises and government departments held a forum.

for the above news, surging news was unable to contact the official comment.

Since the implementation of

since April 8th, the new deal, a lot of cross-border business in the bonded import business feedback, cancel the allowance, the new deal for the first time in front of the list of import commodities license and registration restrictions, as well as a customs clearance into the area, will make cross-border electricity bonded import complete loss of advantage.

part of the bonded area to understand even bluntly, if the new deal does not adjust, with the end of the inventory cleanup period, cross-border electricity supplier imports will enter the fuse state, because there are few businesses continue to import from overseas.

this led to the attention of the relevant regulatory authorities.

Shanghai a cross-border electricity supplier senior researchers told the surging news, "51", the Ministry of finance has convened a related business in Beijing opened a forum to understand the impact of the new deal, "the Ministry of finance did not think of himself, will bring such effects. It is no problem to levy taxes in the form of goods, but the specific regulatory model (whether or not the goods are to be shipped) may be considered. However, this is not the Ministry of finance can say."

at present, the clearance of the issuance of the Department of inspection and quarantine, and cosmetics, health care products related to the need to register the food and drug administration. After the first two rounds of policy fine-tuning, the two regulators will no longer be relaxed policy, public statement.

compared to tax increases, and the positive list of goods covered by incomplete, cross-border electricity supplier business is more concerned about the cross-border electricity supplier bonded imports of goods, is not to refer to the general trade regulation. This means that cross-border electricity supplier bonded imports as well as general trade, as well as to provide complex documents.

insiders pointed out that a large cross-border electricity supplier brand channels, by the impact of customs clearance is not great. The impact of small electricity providers are more obvious, it is likely to lead to business can not go on. Moreover, cross-border electricity supplier import business in the main product – cosmetics and health products, it is difficult to get the relevant certificate.

In contrast to

, the positive list continues to expand, it is relatively easy.


supply chain sources told the surging news last week, the General Administration of customs related research in Guangzhou, have had a positive list of enterprise feedback that is rich enough, "the General Administration of Customs to the relevant enterprises to a task."

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