in July last year, the magic man mobile phone officially launched, with the WeChat circle of friends viral overnight explosion of red, who won the single day peak of 3 million 250 thousand new users, new users over 4 million, 7 month break million records. And no shortage of red burst behind many of the bad mouthing, that magic diffuse camera is also at most a just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, "dead overnight in an application.

recently, however, a magic diffuse camera the latest data fell on mouthing those who face, on-line from July 2013 to the end of June this year, just one year’s time the magic diffuse camera is the total number of users has exceeded 160 million, overseas accounted for 6. Not like those who say bad mouthing died as a fire, but the number of users from first to last magic diffuse camera in the steady growth in the overseas made proud achievements proved more enduring vitality magic diffuse camera.


for continuous fermentation diffuse magic camera, as the two founders of Ren Xiaoqian, magic diffuse camera Huang Guangming is how to treat? Behind their success and what sad? The day before, I have the opportunity to listen to the interpretation of the two bit at a party.

according to Huang Guangming revealed that the magic diffuse camera is not his first venture. Before that, he worked in the North American wind power project, the green lighting project, but he believes that this is no magic diffuse this project done wonderful camera, which is more impressed by the user closer to his entrepreneurial mind, that is to create more happy life.

in the magic diffuse camera encounter bad mouthing questioned, Huang Guangming not only do not worry, but showed his great self-confidence. His experience told me that social networking platform just communication channels, the product itself is the fundamental vitality, the rise of the magic diffuse camera mainly by word of mouth, nor do promotion, so exhausted after social dividend, scalability and depth of mining products, is the reason for its decision not to decline.

facts also prove that the spread of silence in the social platform after the silence, the magic diffuse user curve is smooth forward, then with the force of the overseas market, the curve began to rise. During this year’s World Cup, Barcelona football club also took the initiative to come to discuss cooperation.

and this cooperation is still a dramatic scene. It is reported that there was in Barcelona called me to discuss cooperation, due to lack of foreign language proficiency of staff, did not know what the other person is saying, that because of the magic diffuse picture camera club players complained to each other, the magic diffuse camera shelves quickly some cartoons on during the world cup. And when the other side to send a message, it was known that this is a oolong, the original is the hope that the other side of the magic to authorize the camera full authority.

of course, the success of the magic man cameras today there are many unspeakable grief, home business founded in 2008, in the most difficult time, the company only had two employees. Ren Xiaoqian recalled, the most difficult is that in several roles, "

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