[global technology Roundup] according to foreign media reported on January 7th, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said that the 2014 Alibaba have made remarkable achievements in 2015 makes it will face greater risk, and the future task will be very difficult.


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Ma Yun said Alibaba successfully landed on the NYSE in 2014, and a huge success in the Chinese market, which will make the company face greater pressure.

the middle school English teacher turned businessman said in an interview on CCTV, the Alibaba is now in the deep water area, because both companies involved in any industry, will encounter great obstacles from "vested interest groups". Ma Yun said, in the past, no one is optimistic about us, but we know we want than we imagine a lot of good, in contrast, now people think we are equal to anything, think what we do can be successful, it is very dangerous for us.

Alibaba created two important milestones in 2014. First, its initial public offering in the NYSE created a record $25 billion 100 million ($155 billion 900 million) in the history of the United states. In second, China day November 11th, the daily business turnover reached $9 billion 160 million (about 57 billion 100 million yuan), setting a new record of online retail sales.

Ma recently visited India and pledged to invest more in the India market to expand its business network. In the interview, Ma said, Alibaba is not as strong as people think, do e-commerce and online banking, such as unprecedented in China’s business, the obstacle is natural.

said that his new title "China’s richest man" does not mean that he can do everything, but the media have been exaggerating their mistakes because they think he should not do anything wrong. Ma Yun is the most criticized Taobao can not filter out the fake. However, the nature of Taobao is not to sell anything, just to build a bridge between the buyer and the seller, which means eliminating all fakes is impossible. Taobao now has the ability to lock in and eliminate fakes in a timely manner, but it has to rely on the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Ma Yun said that Alibaba’s potential lies in the vast rural areas of china. Data show that over the past ten years, Taobao attracted more than 600 million users, half of which are active users. Educated people, young people and urban residents are more willing to online shopping. The vast majority of people living in rural areas provide great potential for the development of the company, and the Internet is the best way to connect with them. Ma Yun said: "people in rural areas have begun to use mobile phones, but they do not really understand the computer. We can make a great contribution to the country’s economy if it can enter the rural areas."

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