double 11 day, Jingdong’s average response time is better than Tmall mall

double 11 the day of the country’s top ten electricity supplier website response time detailed statistics


technology news November 17th morning news, the domestic application performance management service provider cloud Wisdom today announced a dual 11 day ten major domestic electricity supplier website performance statistics, in "the average response time of the key performance indicators, Tmall mall as the performance of Jingdong Shopping Mall.

cloud intelligence company today released its products, monitoring treasure in the 11 day of the two of the world’s top ten electricity supplier website performance statistics. Data show that, as a leading manufacturer of double 11 Shopping Festival, compared with several other large electricity supplier website application performance, Tmall mall is not the best, but is shop No. 1 with an average of 266.52ms response speed topped.

in addition, through the analysis of two major domestic electricity business platform, Tmall and Jingdong mall comparison, the average response time of the Jingdong is better than Tmall mall, but also in the double 11 this day is not too stable, Tmall’s overall response speed.

The response time of

website is one of the important factors to judge whether a website is a good website. Generally speaking, the shorter the response time of the page, the user will feel more comfortable to visit, the experience is also better.

in addition, most of the electricity supplier website double 11 day statistics available rate can reach 100%, Eslite only appeared 3 times totaling 20 minutes and time, the website usability is 98.61%.

web site availability is the percentage of the time that the web page can be accessed normally, and the low availability of the website will bring immeasurable profit loss to the daily business operation.

it is understood that the statistics object mainly include Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Yi Xun, shop No. 1,, VANCL, Gome online, pat Network, Amazon and other ten electricity supplier website, through the global 83 distributed monitoring points on site with response time, and availability of web content such as statistical analysis. (Luo Liang)

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