today is the 315 annual consumer rights day. Beijing time on March 15th at 16 PM, 28 received a message from the break point to see a single brush staff recruitment information, said the Commission is 2.5 yuan per unit. But also Tencent enterprise QQ employee account sent. Before the 28 operations in a number of shopping guide website, which is tricky to understand some of the behavior. But for sellers, so that the existence of fraud behavior of shopping guide platform can be divided into 0 basic value.


since it is exposure, screenshots must be. 28 reply a "no" after I do not know why the other side to delete the black, can not capture the contents of their chat. This is a pity.

it is worth noting that the similar break point to see this shopping platform to help sellers brush single cooperation phenomenon is not rare, basically each platform are tricky there. This phenomenon is the main platform to platform and cooperation to enhance the effect of heat on persona "". Not only affect the interests of the seller, the consumer online shopping experience can be said to be a fraud.

shopping platform basic sharp way has 2 kinds:

1, through the purchase of the buyer to get Taobao Commission, CPA form is so;

2, through cooperation with the seller, a deposit or advertising costs, and finally can earn commission.

how? Although brush single "zero tolerance" attitude, all closed shop points, is also unable to remove the root. In the final analysis, because of its ranking rules, evaluation system problems. Nevertheless, Taobao is also very helpless. You buy me to sell, the greater the sales ranking, the better the people to read. The more false evaluation of false sales can improve the conversion rate. Through the method of car + scalping, known as sellers in Taobao circle.


2016 CCTV 315 party, tonight a lot of things, we can watch TV or CCTV’s official website of the 315 party in.

2016 Internet users complained of hot


released a hot complaint: online shopping

released two hot complaints: car consumption

released three hot complaints: mobile phone consumption

third party platform need to take more responsibility

online shopping is the most complaints, which is reasonable, China’s online shopping market is growing, the number of online shopping users is also very alarming. 20 to 40 year old Internet users become the main consumer.

The rise of

and micro business is bound to increase the fake problem, regulators need to strengthen at the same time, the third party platform such as WeChat, micro shop, pocket pass,, Jingdong and other sites, also need to develop a more detailed regulatory system and the crackdown, safeguard consumer rights and interests of their users. The main ones

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