is a vertical, horizontal or

?The general manager of

mall brewmaster network division Zhang Gengbin chose the latter. At the end of May, brewmaster network to become the third B2C partner Shop No. 1 large open platform – No. 1 mall.

of the brewmaster network, 1 mall is eighth brewmaster network mutually open B2C platform partners.

can join forces, Zhang Gengbin did not mind, but he found that this is an irreversible trend. Shop No. 1, for example, the company’s big platform strategy is rapidly advancing, the number of merchants settled in a monthly rate of 500. In addition, Jingdong, Tencent and other giants are also gradually competing for resources such as Tmall platform businesses. Right now, the average monthly growth rate of Jingdong open platform is about 40%, in addition to the development of clothing and footwear, but also in food, home improvement building materials, hotel reservations and other online product line.

open platform, the biggest advantage is the use of open platform, greater use of user resources and idle logistics, warehousing resources to achieve incremental sales.

just, not all B2C are chasing the trend.

Mcglaughlin CEO energy-saving (micro-blog) admitted that the company two years ago to try on open platform open platform is not successful, the promotion cost is higher, in the present competition situation, not two or three years is difficult to profit.

B2C platform to open, the final decision on the size of success or failure. Everyone to become the first in the industry, and has Tmall and Jingdong so that the size of the enterprise." He admitted.

Mcglaughlin’s warning, alert can bring to the business enterprise? Business school network CEO Li Zhongwei bluntly, the open B2C platform looks very beautiful, but implementation is facing many challenges on the details. Further, it’s not easy to get someone else to do business on your platform."

how to attract third party suppliers willing to work for the platform, the test platform of strategic vision and management capabilities. This will lead to more problems in partner resource coordination – private goods and commodities partners how to avoid "left Bo"? How to distribute traffic with partners and interests? When the vertical class with other B2C platform expand its scale, whether the " there are too many concerns, the urgent need to find the perfect cooperation model.

light asset temptation

from the second half of last year, the wave of B2C platform brewing in the industry. At that time, heavy self class B2C seems to be a collective crisis, the larger the scale, the more sales, the more serious losses. The platform B2C has demonstrated the advantages of light assets, the company does not need much investment will be able to expand the scale. It was not renamed Tmall mall, took the lead in the second half of last year launched the strategy of opening up, shop No. 1, and Mcglaughlin, 28 self – B2C website into the official flagship store opened; then.

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