[IT168] information on the morning of May 20th, the domestic WeChat third largest MSI and professional brand mask dimension muscle springs held a signing ceremony in Shanghai Union headquarters, dimensional muscle springs under the brand name happyface will be assigned to the V store, to provide quality products for the V million. This cooperation by a number of print media, network media and TV media attention.


data show that the dimensional muscle springs was born in Australia, with meet dual needs of beauty and health care products for women, quickly became Australia’s first brand mask, and gradually sold in more than and 30 countries worldwide.

dimensional muscle springs brand leader Du Lili said, dimensional muscle springs is committed to the new concept of skin care mask to the world the beauty of women, in under the guidance of this idea, has been seeking a diversified channel policy, seek the gene with the Internet platform for cooperation, dimensional muscle springs under the brand name happyface will help the development of V shop platform all the micro business, the brand concept spread to more areas, to provide high-quality products for consumers.

it is understood that the launch of the micro derivative based on mobile V platform free shop shop, in 2 months, the number of active V guest has more than 1 million, the total number of SKU platform more than 3 million, and with more than 350% monthly growth rate of rapid expansion.

micro said, MSI will give happyface operation and promotion of the support in the V shop, opened a special mask in beauty category, and the owner of the power of millions of V by expanding its product awareness, to expand the mobile terminal sales market.

it is reported that in April this year, MSI completed 150 million B round of financing, and said the three systems will thus build MSI products: supplier product quality control system, V the owner of the credit system and the system of consumer protection. The cooperation with the Victoria spring, is based on the supplier quality control system for the quality of the brand’s recruitment.

Du Lili said, happyface variety of products will be the first mask in the V store market, the owner of the V to provide quality sources of choice, so that consumers get a professional mask of comfort.


founder and CEO Sun Taoyong said: "welcome professional brand mask dimension muscle springs join V stores, to meet consumer demand is our common wish, look forward to the cooperation between the two sides, but also hope that more high-quality brands to join."

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