has been the traditional enterprise in the tangled electricity supplier of the road, because more and more consumers have changed their habits, online shopping seems to have become the social flow, to seize the hearts of consumers, the traditional management mode of enterprises must reform.

traditional enterprise "electric shock": early do eat meat, do not be killing

as early as last year, Guangzhou Daily reported in an article: "the investigation of traditional corporate restructuring electricity supplier: early do not eat meat were beaten to death". Last year’s sales amounted to 300 million of the man CEO Fang Jianhua said at the time: now the line every year to do billions of women’s brand is very few, and these brands have been several dealers in the middle. He believes that the future of the Internet will appear a few years sales of 1 billion ~20 billion brand. There is no link between these online brands, the same sales, value is not the same."

later today, the fact that the traditional enterprise is indeed "as early as electricity providers do eat meat, not only beaten to death". As for how much water "electric shock", the failure of enterprises such as the Smith Barney state purchase die, warned the traditional enterprise "electric shock is a must, the pace is not blind". According to their own characteristics to choose the appropriate service provider is a prerequisite for success, blindly follow the trend, pursue high quality, enough to think faster the reputation of the service providers can be successful enterprises often fail, so the traditional enterprise "electric shock" must be more prudent.

select service providers, war must be strong rear

e-commerce is an easy to say, easy to do. "Every day is like in war!" hundred library marketing director Youli Chan said, such as last year’s Singles Day sales, the biggest problem is the system in order to download problems last year, almost collapsed, resulting in a large number of delay in delivery. Xiao Bian learned whether online or offline, the background of the invoicing system is the key of enterprise’s life and growth in nature for example, last year, and this year’s price war believe that everyone understood, in a short period of time, the surge in orders will bring great pressure to the ordering system, if businesses choose service provide background order processing system is not strong enough, so at this time collapse resulting in a large number of orders will be delayed or not delivery problems can not be avoided, and this may give businesses hard to build up brand reputation caused a fatal blow.

imagine, e-commerce environment, holiday preferential battle is the business to enhance reputation, pulled traffic opportunities to large probability "campaign" is must face the traditional business electricity suppliers to enter the market situation, then choose one to help build a strong rear order system partners is particularly important, compared shopex, hishop, V5SHOP and other traditional electricity supplier service providers, relying on the 366ec system with the housekeeper ten years powerful Invoicing management experience, created the entire e-commerce integration solutions, can create a powerful system for background order all can produce electricity price for the enterprise, so that in the electronic commerce no worries on the battlefield.


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