Jingdong stopped and caifutong cooperation, the Jingdong stopped working with Alipay, micro-blog and Jingdong to stop the cooperation…… Alipay caifutong micro-blog Jingdong is abandoned, facing the Jingdong so tough decisions, a lot of people are in bad mouthing the Jingdong, even this heroic utterance users wrote, "Jingdong since then began to fall, 2013.8.31! An electricity supplier predators don’t make this super error? If everyone can understand the electricity supplier predators the layout, read their thoughts, perhaps, not today’s Jingdong

!The development of

Jingdong is fast, but because it is started at Taobao, after pat, so some Jingdong have to rely on these to support the business in the initial development process, such as payment transactions in the electricity supplier, Alipay, caifutong and so on, to expose their users in the face of competition forces. This is no one to see, Alipay, caifutong strong has almost 80% of Internet users, so many people have heard of the Jingdong, do not use Alipay caifutong, the first reaction is in the Jingdong shopping payment difficulties, increase procedures, two is feeling very uncomfortable, Jingdong some different

!It launched a series of combined

Jingdong, yunliwuli few people understand, the original Jingdong in the rise of the time there are a few people understand! The Jingdong did not abandon cooperation, maintain a cooperative relationship or at least easecredit! Two competitors and open boundaries, you are not micro-blog Ali financing, sorry. I can’t work with you


as a portal of the NetEase, has two advantages, one is their game is cattle, which belongs to the technical flow, two is the agent game very cow, a Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner "had won the" World of Warcraft "this piece of meat from the nine tiger in Ali, the Tencent in the time to strike violently the mobile terminal, suddenly a mysterious letter, easecredit is certainly a difference in the place of WeChat, WeChat launched version 5, clearly put forward the payment function, the function of a launch, Ali group immediately take action to ban the QR code! Well, is not the payment function to Alipay, WeChat. Caifutong, why Ali will respond as fast as


Jingdong terminated the competition and cooperation, is not necessarily a good thing, because the Jingdong and easecredit through cooperation, open up the mobile Internet on the road, and completely took a who also did not pass through the road, Internet entrepreneurs have such a "rival in imitation of golden laws and precious rules is tantamount to losing half!" Alipay early caifutong, caifutong don’t seem to have what difference, in the payment function and Alipay so caifutong users has more than Alipay! Internet a Taobao, a Baidu, a QQ chat tool to achieve more than 70% users use rate. Never imitate the way, Jingdong are trying a new way of pure blood of the Jingdong and NetEase without any business cooperation business background, the two complement each other, do not be more pure, and the Jingdong by easecredit also try to open the mobile terminal.

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