As for what kind of domain name is good I will not elaborate on this article too many guns too many of us have different domain values, respect everyone’s point of view. The other major stations, do have a lot of money promotion can not see this article.

here some I mainly want to say is worth noting, especially small and medium-sized webmaster is almost a key point.

when you choose the domain name if you know your chosen domain name? Is it enough to just love?

to mention or search engines also have everything he caused, the new domain name do note station half a year are not indexed by search engines, relying on the friendship connection and other connections to every day of the poor little traffic, this thing is very depressing, but it has been unclear reasons, sent to the search engine stereotyped reply.

1 to several search engines with and check is recorded. I am a station closed in July 2005 to now GOOGLE can also search to the old data, the major search engines are recorded, then congratulations not only did this rice stand and relatively healthy, if GG BAIDU is not so you have to beware, as everyone knows BAIDU sealing station seal m sea, but do stand don’t be BAIDU included the loss is not a little traffic, but Baidu’s index is more sensitive to your stand 1 months if not open is likely to be deleted from the index of BAIDU, of course, this is a completely different concept and closure of the station will not affect the return you day after.

3 half of domestic began to pop PARKING. Domain parking is a good way to make money without having to worry about it, but it is so perfect? Not necessarily. Ah…

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