Groupon share price movements over the past three months


technology – Beijing morning news on July 12th, as investors worried about the prospects for economic recovery, Groupon shares Wednesday intraday record low of $7.72, although later rebounded, but still lower than the previous trading day fell 5.5%, to close at $7.85.

Groupon business in Europe accounted for about 1/4 of its total revenue. Riley & investment firm B. Co analyst Summit; · Sinha (Sameet Sinha) said, investors obviously Groupon European business concerns exist.

Citibank analyst Mark · (Mark) on Tuesday in an investment report, the Groupon target price from $22 to $19 to $. Mahaney lowered the target price of Groupon, mainly because he estimated Groupon 2013 EBITDA (excluding interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization earnings) will decline. According to his estimate, Groupon 2013 EBITDA profit of $718 million, down from the previous estimate of $930 million.

EBITDA profit is expected to decline because of Mahaney’s weakness in the European economy and the exchange rate instability concerns. He wrote in the investment report, for Google, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, and Groupon and many other Internet stocks, the European economic concerns in particular will lead to investor panic.

Mahaney pointed out that, for Groupon, the positive performance of foreign exchange trends changing and still uncertain macroeconomic situation will be possible for the Wall Street is expected to produce adverse effects, "Groupon will be in late July or early August released second quarter earnings.

Mahaney said that the proportion of overseas business revenue accounted for approximately 45% of total revenue, Groupon, the proportion of European business revenue is about $25%. He said: we expect the Groupon management will be published in the United States and the United States and the economic downturn in the weak turbulence." (Ching Chen)

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