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mobile phone network and mobile client where the signs that the thumb between the war has already started, the giants began to seize their own sites, for they can seize a space for one person in the mobile e-commerce. As a Jingdong of the mall has been providing such services as early as when we launched mobile phone customer network, but the function is not perfect. Plus a mobile phone on most of the population, the Internet, mobile e-commerce competition is just on the stage, where the high-profile announced the launch of mobile phone customer network and mobile client, has explained, mobile e-commerce has entered the white hot stage.

that exactly how far are we from the mobile electronic commerce? I personally think that mobile e-commerce is just now in a part of the people, and the vast majority of people have not realized to complete the purchase of goods through the mobile phone, which can be also very troublesome. Because at this stage there are still problems such as mobile e-commerce. The first pass is almost about to solve the problem of Internet speed, and now the three major mobile operators 3G network has almost been able to meet the basic requirements of the Internet browser smoother. But the network can only be said to just pass it, because now the 3G network that is covering urban and rural areas, but there are many places in the network is very unstable, even worse than the 2G network signal, which is another obstacle for mobile e-commerce market.

second is to pay more than the computer trouble in the mobile phone, a lot of people are paying security U disk inserted like the bank also something through online banking, and you can’t pay on a mobile phone, only opened a mobile phone bank or mobile phone users to pay, to pay more smoothly. This will be a lot of users can not complete the transaction on the mobile internet. Because not all mobile Internet users will go to the opening of mobile banking and mobile payment, payment security on the phone and so on are also affecting the development of mobile e-commerce.

third is now a mobile phone, not every mobile phone can think of those advanced mobile phone as the Internet and view web pages are so fast with the computer almost, although most of the intelligent mobile phone, open the web page is more convenient, but Chinese mobile phone owners most are not like those of intelligent mobile phone. Also with the people with computers, computer configuration is not high, like running speed and so on. Are the impact of mobile e-commerce closer to our footsteps.

so in a recent period of time, mobile e-commerce we still relatively far away from most people, but with the improvement of people’s living habits change, believe that mobile e-commerce will be getting closer and closer to us. This view is only a personal opinion, disclaimer: This article from the million people online shopping help interactive community www.wrbwg.com Jiang army. All rights reserved, please keep relevant information and links. To retain a little more than a good luck, a word of mouth, a step closer to success.

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