news May 20th, today is the 520 network Valentine’s day, the major electricity supplier platform have occasion to start marketing. Billion state power network that social business platform shop in May 20th 10 adorable international will point to 10 points in May 25th 520 held promotional activities.


According to the introduction of international

adorable shop, the 520 big promotion, adorable shop international well-known constellation blogger "fellow uncle" launched a mission to fight war activities, the use of free single will pull popularity, stimulate the user’s shopping enthusiasm.


activities set up several large list of beauty skin care, fragrance, summer leisure snacks and health slimming, beauty makeup, goods involved in maternal and child clothing, delicacy and other categories.

said the international shop adorable, red net economy is one of the important direction of the future development of the network business platform, the red expression sharp, obvious personality in the social network, constantly absorbing the accumulation of a large number of fans, the fans of the business, completed from social sharing to change electricity supplier economy. The uncle and fellow cooperation will promote the international social platform in the adorable shop on the exposure, will be more fans into the platform users.

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