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shop strokes, shop strokes can be added to the * * * Brand declaration, brand positioning and so on, deepen customer experience and brand awareness. * * * is like to be a man of professional consultants or the European noble life T-shirt dress, from the brand positioning can be refined out bidding manifesto. Enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

big picture on the front page, with a carousel page suggests that the shop to focus on the promotion of products and preferential information are clearly displayed on the carousel page, suggestions to enlarge the size and clarity of the picture can refer to the wheat bags. For the whole store decoration, with black color can be, but need to add some other auxiliary color, so you can make the page look not beautiful, now store the overall decoration seems to give a person a kind of old, uncomfortable feeling.

is now a large part of the online marketing is actually visual marketing, so this is very important for us to do. On the classification of products, product classification is also important, this is related to the customer experience, because when you do not classify, customers need to spend a long time to find their own love products, many customers will be impatient, so the product classification is a very important. According to the product type, now * * * can still do the classification, according to the classification of customer search habits to several product categories, in accordance with the material and style, there are other search habits to.

this is a picture of Taobao data show: the background is the women’s category, men I have found, with women’s clothing, are all the same. Are visual marketing, we can refer to some of the better visual marketing seller to compare the decoration of * * *.


below this picture is the mall customers with this layout, the reaction of consumers to buy


so this is the result of the choice of shopping malls, * * * details page layout can refer to this layout to do.

product details page optimization

product details page optimization is a key, now * * * details page layout is:

baby attributes, now baby * * * fill attribute is not complete, the natural flow and train flow is a flawed, can fill up all can fill up. Baby attributes below is the product description and size, and then the color description, as well as the model map, the following is the details of the details of the seller and the map, the following is the product recommendation. According to the statistics of the conversion rate of Taobao, a good product details page layout has a direct impact on the conversion rate, I found the wheat bag product details page, contrast * * * product details page. Wheat bag details page >

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