inside the page above

forum below

above the top of the page and the forum advertising price is not found, the above two advertising prices are about 14 fast / day. Feel above the top of the page and the forum should be slightly higher than the price of advertising. But not too high. From this we can see that A5 is indeed for the webmaster service, and even the price of advertising settings are so low, like a.

to write this article is the reason why I do some friends want to buy a league A5 ad.

we can see that the top of the home page is a lot of advertising is occupied by a number of alliances. Now that they’ve been doing it, make sure they’re profitable. So it seems that the official A5 set the price, the value of


but when I study A5 above put ads but accidentally found a statistical code advertising page actually open, glad to see the horse, a look, what eyes! No. 21 No. 22 No. 23 IP43 IP30 IP45. I can’t believe this is the value of A5’s ad, and it’s the home page.

I want to. Since advertising has been done, certainly profitable, but only about 40 of IP (which is definitely directed IP). Let me doubt. Think about the flow of A5 itself should be one hundred thousand units do it, how the advertising effect is so bad we follow the 28 law. The 40 IP will have 8 people to register the union, but the union is also the real maximum of 5. I can’t think of any more than 2 of the middle of the money that I can bring to the union in.

I feel so

, A5 advertising effect is not as imagined so good? And why home is always packed? Ah idea extension extension, finally let me think. Brand effect!

yes, I believe that advertising on the A5 is not just for some directional traffic, more afraid of the brand effect. Anyway, say: Hey, buddy, we are in the A5 advertising alliance, and certainly good results. A5 to borrow a brand to attract more new players to do this alliance (I think any alliance will not be all the webmaster to join the A5 ads on it, there are always other places.


so we extend out of today’s theme is Wangzhuan ideas: borrowing brand to establish their influence.

A5 advertising is an example, look at the money "chuideng" Wangzhuan support station is a typical example of a money borrowed "site chuideng" serial do.

well, the idea is very simple. The key lies in the extension. Can be extended to A5 like stations, like "money chuideng" as the popular keywords, like Susan Boyle Yong.

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