return to the direction where the customer can catch up with the tide of the domestic electricity supplier listed


funding strand breaks, vendor debt, large-scale layoffs, far from the outskirts of Beijing, investors do not trust…… Where the customer is similar with the end of 2011 suffered public opinion "whirlpool" now where the CEO returns "besieged on all sides".

Chen thinks that he is too bitter. "Default supplier account storm" is where the process of moving the initiative to change the financial system in the frozen lead, but was interpreted as their debt stuck in the building.

The old

but did not deny that, over the past year, we have issues worthy of reflection. "Since June this year, I have been communicating with each other seven or eight times, a total of up to more than and 60 hours." This although some exaggeration, but also can see the old rush to reveal the initiative to change the attitude.

with another batch of domestic electricity supplier concept of listed companies, the market for the customer and how long time


repeatedly "trial and error"

sell shirts from the category to expand the platform, and then return to the brand, and began to test the water open platform, and then return to their own brand products…… Try to find the right direction of their own constant "trial and error" in every guest is tired.

"where the past product ideas like the traditional enterprise, said this year to do big scale." That old, blind expansion, where the past meets the large inventory, the main reason is that we thought the "anti".

how anti – is to set the index first, but in the implementation process, it is easy to be led by the index to run, while ignoring the user’s preferences, forget the nature of the product. The old in realized Lei Jun exchange, if not the first to set up some indicators of the trend, but the beginning of products, to seize the user’s preferences, can harvest the screams of the sales. This difference is also the difference between the original thinking and the Internet business thinking.

where the future aged said, will do its own brand, more attention to the quality of the brand, brand value and pay attention to the. The specific measures are: to streamline and integrate all open platform business; promote third party brands to enhance the deduction rate, gross margin; some of the KPI will be re enacted.

for all passengers and ultimately to build what is "brand" or "brand"? The old also made it clear that the core or product, the learning object is uniqlo.

Business Analyst Li Chengdong believes that every guest in almost once a year of "reflection", is to find enough reason for adjustment, but a year later, still found the wrong road, this is not the wrong way, but the team is not strong enough to perform the concept of problem.

in 2011, where customers began to multi category expansion, the reason is to achieve sales growth in the scale, and to enhance the user stickiness through the Department of consumer goods, and meet the IPO before the high growth in demand; at the beginning of 2012, IPO plans for Macros >

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