with the major media have reported that the concept of buying popular, more and more popular online shopping users welcome. And has the advantage of resources portal, SNS community, local classification information website, e-commerce sites and local newspapers, news sites have also launched a buy platform. Next, the author is also engaged in the group buying industry to analyze the current situation and future development trend of the domestic group buying industry.

buy status

first, the site has become a group of pirates to buy the site sales practices – who is responsible for the responsibility behind

is currently the domestic group purchase market chaos." Network group purchase in the fight market, burn, publicity, sales of whole group purchase have shown "chaos in win situation. The law is ignored, intellectual property rights are trampled. Theft of pictures, copying product descriptions, etc.. High cost of rights, who will be willing to rights. Only make the market more chaotic." Can’t count on government regulation. In many foreign countries, the punishment is very high, if the site infringement, may be a huge compensation. But in our country, the legal sanction is light, the cost of infringement is low, the cost of protecting the rights is high, and the consciousness of protecting the intellectual property rights is weak.


two, buy – holiday sales promotion who is the biggest benefit

as the group purchase business, will not miss the holidays, will be repeated promotional tactics, the use of advertising words, pictures advertising, promotional activities, playing the price to send money, using the data of each layer of words to attract consumers, analysis from the perspective of consumption, the eyes of many people will think of the holiday should be the biggest beneficiaries of group purchase consumers to the lowest price to buy the best products and services, from the analysis of business point of view, should be business, after the event, also sold out group purchase goods, deduct all costs, earn a lot of money should be business.

three, buy process consumers dare to believe it?

lively buy, but hidden in the real life looks beautiful trap. Food component user group purchase, ordering position is always the most close to the door, open up brand shoes, goods not board, double standards and many other businesses shopping secret unspoken rule, group purchase price is not in line with the propaganda, text ads game is simply to deceive the people masses, let visitors who are injured. Some unscrupulous group purchase website false propaganda against the interests of consumers, or even directly make money, run away, let the group purchase is full of risks.

four, buy after-sales service who will pay

group purchase process has been completed, goods has not sent to the user, called "service personnel is busy, please wait" goods quality problems, businesses to manufacturers, manufacturers to transfer business, logistics and transport process, leading group purchase goods quality, logistics enterprises will be the responsibility, customer service service who will pay for the group purchase at present, many group purchase website, did not specify the good.

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