e-commerce and logistics has become a new industry in twenty-first Century, both have achieved rapid progress. However, compared with the explosive development of e-commerce, logistics is a little lag, and even become a stumbling block in the process of e-commerce. The contradiction between the two has become increasingly apparent, from round after round of price increases, and now Alibaba, Jingdong mall and other large e-commerce giant to enter the popular material. Behind the rise in the price of the express industry and e-commerce companies crazy self built logistics, reflects the current e-commerce logistics bottlenecks grim situation.


a, what is the reason for the logistics of the development of e-commerce? The following summary of domestic experts to analyze the four important reasons:

1, the rapid development of e-commerce

according to the China Express Association statistics, to October 2010, the annual volume of e-commerce has exceeded 5 million, accounting for about half of the total volume of China’s express mail. At the same time, the rapid development of E-commerce makes people’s personalized demand surge, network sales products tend to small batch, multi batch, zero inventory. These make the existing logistics system can not meet the development needs of e-commerce.

2, logistics infrastructure can not adapt to the development of e-commerce

although our logistics industry has developed in recent years, but the hardware construction is not perfect, such as the distribution of traffic routes, delays in the delivery of urban delays. At the same time, the implementation of network communication is not perfect. The courier company is more frequent explosion phenomenon, express also turned into "slow delivery, electricity supplier and consumer complaints. In this year’s 3· 15 consumer rights day, because online shopping caused complaints has become the focus of complaints in the majority is because of the slow arrival, the loss of the goods, the goods are damaged, delivery in service.

3, with the development of the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect

logistics enterprises in the improvement of their own logistics efficiency, it is necessary to re allocation of logistics resources inside and outside the enterprise. The defects of the relevant laws and regulations hinder the redistribution of logistics resources. Logistics enterprise cross regional and cross national logistics service, often by local protectionism and trade barrier problem.

4, professional logistics and distribution of scarce talent

although many logistics industry personnel, but have to express both segments, familiar with the application of modern logistics management technology, at the same time on the National Express business dynamic, regional express channel set, express business processes and related laws and regulations have a good understanding of the professional talents are not many. The practice of logistics industry has proved that the logistics industry personnel have a higher logistics knowledge and operational experience, directly affect the survival and development of the industry.


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