loan credit will be extended to about 3000000 shop

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) yesterday at the Alibaba group "micro credit", Taobao 1.8 million small sellers within 2 hours from Ali small micro credit 300 million yuan Taobao credit loans, the average loan seller about 16 thousand yuan. The company introduced, all loans are completed on the Internet, there is no involvement of any credit officers, there is not a small seller to provide guarantees, mortgages, all small sellers with credit is their own credit.

according to Ali small micro credit staff Wang Yan introduced, 2013 Taobao new loans "small credit loans" and "micro credit loans and other loan products specifically for small sellers, do not need to provide any guarantee of small sellers. And now able to enjoy this small seller of financial services reached 120. Follow up, we will continue to expand the scope of the service of small sellers, the seller will open credit loans extended to more than and 300."

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