"51" approach, not only the traditional mall discounts lively, all kinds of brand sale electricity supplier channels are like a raging fire. At the beginning of the month where the customer first taste of "flash purchase" to stock the sweetness of Lining, again this week to every guest, launched a second wave of "48 hours of sale".

reporter found, held in every guest on the platform this week 51 brand sale, in addition to Lining also include Saturday, Giordano, Semir and other traditional brand. Insiders pointed out that, after Lining and other brands, other apparel enterprises are also mired in high inventory quagmire will also target route through electricity supplier flash sales of this model.

was questioned detrimental to the brand image

reporter saw Lining in the play where the slogan is quite striking, "Lining second wave is 19 yuan Yeli" web page display in men’s and women’s T-shirt is 19 yuan, equivalent to ninety percent off of the original price.

however, the reporter found Lining sales in every guest on the so-called "limited" clothing basically are not found in Lining’s official online store. According to Li Ning Co, the difference of all goods sold with the Li Ning Co’s existing network platform shop and store the line of goods, and in accordance with the sales strategy of Li Ning Co consistent online and offline.

although low price promotion does have an immediate effect, but many people have also been reflected and questioned. Some netizens said, "since the end of last year we got 9 yuan after the promotion, where the customer is now the price of all commodities make people feel expensive. Lining previously bought online is not expensive, and now sell 19 yuan, lower grades."

analysis of the industry, establish a brand requires a lot of manpower and resources, and once the mistake is wasted, the credibility of the brand decision of consumer brand awareness, consumption concept. Jingdong mall public relations director Yan Yuelong on micro-blog commented: "Lining by all passengers to clear inventory, a short time is cool, but the long run, hurt the brand, who will go to buy high priced seasonal goods Lining


cost is much lower than the store

behind the low clearance is the huge loss of 2 billion yuan last year Lining "ugly" performance, but also further reduce the line of stores. The results, Lining group in 2012 continue to implement closed shop strategy, at the end of 2012, the total number of stores Lining brand stores, flagship stores, regular factory stores and discount stores for 6434, compared with 2011 net decrease of 1821 at the end of the reporting period, the rate reached 22.06%, the average daily shut shop 5.

in this case, industry analysis, which means that Lining’s top priority this year is to inventory, reduce losses. This to every guest, Lining in the cost of manpower, time and other inputs is far lower than the store, "Lining may continue to cooperate more with such business platform."

is reported that Lining, Joe, Giordano, Mai Lu, camel and other brands in where

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