concludes that convenience stores are becoming more popular and hypermarkets are less prosperous; small cities do not grow faster……

on Tuesday, Bain and Kay consumer index jointly released the 2016 China shoppers report. According to the report, the good days of FMCG in China seem to be worse than before.

reported that in 2015 China’s fast-moving consumer goods market sales growth of 3.5%, the lowest point in five years. The average household spending slowdown in FMCG category was 0.8%. However, the performance of different categories are also different.

in the past four years, Bain and Kay degree of consumer price index for personal care, home care, beverage and food packaging four areas (FMCG sales accounted for about 80%) 26 categories are analyzed. This year, a new report on the basis of the increase in functional beverages, pet food and health care products three categories, so a total of 29 categories of fast-moving consumer goods are included in the analysis of the object of the report.

In addition to

, the report also analyzes the changes in the competition between retail channels, multinational brands and local brands.

we took part, the main points are as follows:

1 yogurt, pet food growth, instant noodles, beer drop, the difference between high-end and low-end

manufacturing is moving from China to lower cost countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam, the report said, which also affects the FMCG industry.

some traditional blue collar as the main consumer groups in the category of difficult, such as the number of instant noodles sales fell 12.5%, beer fell by 3.6%. And the number of workers Chinese population reached a high point in 2012, then the number of low income retirees continue to increase, gradually reduce the number of workers gradually intensified these blue collar consumption category sales decline.

similar logic based on the report that the modern service industry and high paying jobs are becoming more and more China, yogurt and other high-end pet food category and the category of the most high-end products therefore maintained growth, such as pet food sales grew 11.7%, 20.6% growth in yogurt.

sales of pastries, sweets and ice cream fell by more than 11%, which to some extent indicates that Chinese consumers are more concerned about health.

2: as you can see, convenience stores are becoming more popular, and hypermarkets are less popular

in 2015 for the first time negative growth in the retail market, the city’s fast moving consumer goods market sales fell 0.2%, a decrease of passenger traffic by 4.6%, the average household shopping volume decreased by 4.7%. The largest retail channel supermarket / small supermarket growth is also quite weak, the growth rate down from 9.5% >

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