for the pursuit of eternal interests, so that Amazon and Tmall to the competitors together.

Chinese on Amazon announced before, Chinese officially stationed in the largest B2C platform of Tmall, the main push "imported direct mining commodities, of which about 1/4 of the Amazon unique target high-end consumer groups. In the early period of food, drinks, the latter will gradually expand to shoes, bags, Home Furnishing daily, 3C and maternal categories, gradually covering more than more than 2 thousand international brands.

is reported that the Amazon China’s imported direct mining model is directly from the Amazon self purchasing team to overseas brands, as far as possible to compress the overseas distribution links. The future of consumer feedback, Amazon’s flagship store of international brands and optional goods will continue to increase.

"flagship store in Tmall, can provide more extensive and diverse channels, let consumers enjoy from the Amazon China authentic overseas direct mining products, feel the selection of Amazon’s international quality of life." Niu Yinghua, vice president of Amazon China, such as Amazon’s interpretation of Tmall’s intention to hand.

Tmall international investment manager Zhen core said: "add Amazon to bring more abundant international commodity to Tmall, so that consumers can stay at home and purchased all over the world."

since last year, Amazon has accelerated the pace to enter the Chinese, confrontation with the Alibaba, including the 2014 "double eleven" after market oriented China launched the first "black Friday" overseas shopping festival, and try the sea Amoy "culture", launched the "overseas purchase services etc.. This shows that, after entering the Chinese market for more than a decade, has been lukewarm Amazon began to pour into the world’s largest Internet market more enthusiasm.

Although Amazon

has excellent genes, but the industry is still worried, has been China local electricity too much beyond the Amazon, can not have pressure in a foreign country".

hard Chinese road

on Amazon, China in these years, some sad.

in August 2004, was $75 million, from Lei Jun and old hands to offer, officially entered the market Chinese. That time, Taobao was a year and a half toddler, in Zhongguancun (000931, stock it) to sell computer accessories Jingdong has just started online sales.

10 years later, as a global leader in the electronic business platform, the development of the Amazon in China for many years it is difficult to match its international status. Amazon’s sales in China for less than a year, Alibaba announced the double eleven turnover. According to iResearch statistics, the third quarter of 2014, Amazon ranked only seventh in the Chinese electricity supplier, not only inferior to Tmall, Jingdong and, even far below the United States online shop No. 1 isoelectrics.

is precisely because of this cruel situation, Amason has been trying to seek more in China

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