Yu electricity supplier in a lot of traditional business owners to communicate with e-commerce when found in a lot of companies where the boss’s understanding of e-commerce is to do a website, cast a Baidu ad. Facing the present situation of network marketing and competitors emerge in an endless stream, more and more attention to the status quo of network marketing, simple to do a website and Baidu ads will gradually be eliminated. Henan electricity providers believe that the traditional enterprise e-commerce operation to multi Internet Project learning.

comparison of Internet projects and enterprise sites you will find a few questions:

1 good web site is generally used in a relatively smooth and comfortable, layout and color are very harmonious. Enterprise website 90% are all on the lower left and right structure and the structure, layout and color are very similar. That is because most of the site companies are ready to have a website template, the template can be reused in the establishment of the website

2 good internet project site can generally meet the needs of some users. And will meet the needs of the function to do enough beautiful, simple and easy to use. The enterprise website to meet the demand is very obvious: that is to allow users to understand the manufacturers and products. But more than 60% of the company’s Web site in terms of aesthetics and ease of use.

3 good Internet Project in the promotion process will use a variety of means to find the target user. The enterprise website generally use outdated technology, there are few enterprises in e-commerce promotion in the forefront of the industry. Search engine constantly adjust the strategy to control, viral marketing, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing these emerging technologies are generally not used)

4 good internet project attaches great importance to the analysis of operational data, small to a button on the web page was clicked on the number of times a user to a large amount of action behavior reduction. The enterprise website rarely on the site data monitoring and analysis. This leads to a disproportionate number of Web sites in the number of traffic and inquiries.

5 good Internet site to do, optimization and revision must continue to do. However, after the general corporate website, almost no longer revised, and even the information is no longer change.

6 good Internet projects in the product, technology, operations, warehousing, marketing and other departments is very efficient and unified operation. The traditional enterprises due to various reasons will lead to efficient, unified operation difficulties.

Yu electricity providers believe that the development of e-commerce enterprises involved in all aspects of the problem to be considered less than an Internet Project considerations. From the establishment and maintenance of the site, to the site’s traffic and transformation, and then to the use of a variety of network promotion techniques, and finally the physical product docking into a single. In an Internet Project in all aspects are often efficient and uniform, but in some aspects of e-commerce enterprises can not be carried out well. Henan electricity supplier believes that the business needs of e-commerce companies to refer to the operation of the Internet project.

more about the traditional enterprise e-commerce to the Internet item

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