how long does it take to go from 0 to unicorns?.

this set of procurement, warehousing, logistics in one of the B2B start-up company, was due to the industry chain is too long, too heavy model is not optimistic about the industry. However, in a lot of platform is simply hard to do the addition of agriculture and the Internet, it is focused on doing the field of fresh B2B proprietary electricity supplier.

any tuyere are inseparable from capital favor. Soon, the United States Food attracted Xu Xiaoping, Lei Jun et al. Attention to two and a half years time to complete the D round of the angels to the 5 round of financing, valuation of more than $2 billion, become a unicorn.

so far, the United States has established a network of vegetables in nearly 30 cities in the country to establish a warehousing center, a total of nearly ten thousand businesses serving over 100 times the number of distribution. 2017, the United States will also establish a cold chain logistics system, build a seamless storage and logistics temperature control system.

U.S. mall mall new features: open platform to share the national logistics network

we know, similar to the United States this kind of fresh food B2B proprietary platform, logistics and warehousing is the basic guarantee. After more than two years of laying, the United States has been food warehouse, transportation, with integrated logistics network throughout the country, opened up the field from the table to the context.

after the United States Food Network in the second world Internet Conference released cold beauty program, the recent release of the electricity supplier big strategy: U.S. Food Mall open supplier settled platform function. In simple terms, is to open a similar Taobao light platform model, qualified suppliers of ingredients can be settled in the United States Food Mall, open a shop. Among them, the United States will cover the storage, distribution, marketing aftermarket links. In other words, settled businesses can enjoy free beauty in the country to spread the storage and logistics system, the real solution to the distribution of fresh electricity supplier is difficult, small scale problems.

It is reported that

, beauty dishes officially open platform, invite supply merchants settled, involving category including rice grain, beverage, seasoning, kitchen supplies, dry cargo, frozen meat products and semi-finished products etc..

settled in the United States Food Mall, you can enjoy what resources?

precise flow: U.S. food network coverage 34+ City, a super cooperative restaurant million. It is the best channel to promote the brand and enhance the popularity of the business;

professional warehouse distribution: the United States has developed a network of independent research and development of warehouse management system and warehouse distribution system. While enjoying the logistics network, the logistics cost is greatly saved;

self management: by the independent business decisions on the shelves of goods, independent pricing, according to the target business custom promotional programs, easier to control profits.

it is worth mentioning that, as long as the user needs to meet the mall and the ability to organize the supply of goods, in line with the quality of business can be on-line. This would solve the business because of geographical and seasonal climate restrictions lead to fresh products and unsalable problems.

in addition, merchants settled

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